Friday, December 12, 2008

My new radio show - "The Gamut"

I wanted to let all my readers know that I will am hosting a weekly radio show, starting this Sunday, December 14th from 9 to midnight Eastern Standard Time on Blabber Jesus Radio. It's called "The Gamut", because the musical styles presented will "run the gamut" from early "Jesus Rock" to the most extreme & obtuse metal I can find, nearly everything in between, and some stuff outside that box (like Joy Electric :)

It's going to be a good time, and there will be lots of great music for all. Here's the playlist for the first episode:

Tourniquet - Spectrophobic Dementia
Jerusalem - Dancing on the Head of the Serpent
Angel 7 - Power of Belief and Love
Angelica - Keep Pushin' On
Guardian - Saints Battalion
Grave Robber - Burn Witch, Burn (7" version)
Mankind - Alpha
Mortification - Grind Planetarium
Leviticus - I Shall Conquer
Six Feet Deep - Front
Spot - One of Hazy Days
Staple - Rise of the Robots
Joy Electric - Burgundy Years
Stavesacre - Threshold
subseven - Free to Conquer
Sweet Comfort Band - Runnin' to Win
One Bad Pig - I Scream Sunday
Our Fathers Were Blind - Banner Bedsheets
Plague of Ethyls - Weasel
The Prayer Chain - Sky High
Extol - Reflections of a Broken Soul
Whitecross - Down
Focal Point - Broken Bonds
For Today - Infantry
The Way - Do You Feel the Change?
Vengeance Rising - Fatal Delay
Uthanda - Shadow Play
Asher (CA) - Exhortation
DivineFire - Live or Die
Eloi - Looking Christian
Embodyment - Religious Infamy
Eternal Mystery - Eyes Torn From the Sockets
Jetenderpaul - Seapoon's Kasket
Fear Not - Mr. Compromise
xDisciplex A.D. - Christ Shaped Vacuum
X-Propagation - Cyber Nation
GeistkrieG - Spiral of War
Wrench in the Works - Dust Over Time Test
Haven - Divination
Deliverance - Bought By Blood
Demon Hunter - Turn Your Back and Run

Of course, I'll "blabber" a bit in between some songs, and I hope you'll all appreciate some of the other interesting stuff I'll throw in there. I hope everyone can come check it out, and if you have time, pop into the chatroom & say hello!