Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Gamut - tonight's playlist!!!

No premiers or giveaways this week, but a great lineup of tunes! Tune in at 9 PM EST and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
Sympathy - Occupy (Death Metal)
Angel 7 - Everyhting That Is Necessary... (Black/Power/Thrash Metal Hybrid)
Prodigal - Easy Street (New Wave/Rock)
Nailed - Hell To Pay (Groove Metal)
The Choir - Flowing Over Me (Alternative Rock)
Rez - Attention (Female-fronted Hard Rock)
Screams of Chaos - Universal Chaos (Industrial Death Metal)
Kashee Opeiah - Similar to a Fairy Tale (Metalcore)
Pax 217 - Move on This (Rapcore)
Earth From Above - Salvage (Deathcore)
PK Mitchell - Oh, How I Love Jesus (Hard Rock/Metal)
Thresher - One Way Out (Thrash Metal)
The Deal - Hang 'Em High (Punk)
First Strike - Money (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Loudflower - Always Tomorrow (Alternative Rock)
Deitiphobia - Dancing Messiah (Industrial)
Thieves & Liars (Hard Rock)
Through Solace - Almost (Metalcore)
The Seventy Sevens - Outskirts (Alternative Rock)
Darkwater - Into the Cold (Progressive Metal)
Servant - Water Grave (Classic Rock)
Majestic Vanguard - Take Me Home (Power Metal)
Mortification - Extradiefor (Thrash Metal)
Admonish - Journey Into Afterlife (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
The Sacrificed - Regeneration (Power Metal)
Believer - Shadow of Death (Technical Thrash Metal)
Encryptor - Vomit Congretation (Death Metal)
Stryper - Everything (Melodic Metal/Hard Rock)
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Mental Block (Grindcore)
System Breakdown - A Little More of Everything (Metal)
Life In Your Way - Buried Idols (Melodic Metalcore)
The Way - A Cowboy's Dream (Jesus Rock)
Siloam - My Pal Judas (Commercial Metal)
Kosmos Express - Emotional (Alternative Rock)
Exegesis - Desde el Infierno (Symphonic Black Metal)
Fluffy - Life Through Death (Punk)
Arnion - Fall Like Rain (Thrash Metal)
Neon Cross - Heartbreaker (Classic Metal)
Besieged - Written Promises (Metalcore)

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