Saturday, February 13, 2010

"The Gamut" - tomorrow night's playlist

I am travelling for business on Sunday, so there's a possibility that the show will start late, depending on my arrival in Charlotte, NC to the hotel.  If I start late, don't fret - as long as I have internet at the hotel, I'll be on the air!

Tomorrow night's playlist!!!

Once Dead - Body Parts (Thrash Metal)
Letter 7 - Stand on the Rock (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Clear Convictions - Words (Metallic Hardcore)
Believer - Future Mind (Progressive Thrash Metal)
Spy Glass Blue - Lodging (Gothic Rock)
Galactic Cowboys - 9th of June (Metal)
Randy Rose - Pain (Hard Rock/Metal)
Common Yet Forbidden - The Prodigal (Death Metal)
Kingston Falls - Brutality and the Beat (Part 1) (Metalcore)
Dreamer - Love From Above (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Crimson Thorn - Beaten Beyond (Brutal Death Metal)
A Plea For Purging - The Slaying of the Serpentine Dragon (Technical Metalcore)
Virgin Black - The Everlasting (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Hokus Pick Manouver - November (Rock)
Hope For the Dying - City of Corpses (Progressive Extreme Metal)
DigHayZoose - OZeptune (Funk/Metal/Alternative)
Sympathy - The Iscariot Aspect: Quarens Intellectum (Technical Death Metal)
The Fraidy Cats - Born Into a World of Darkness and Deceit (Hardcore Punk)
Eternal Mystery - Extreme Disgust (Grindcore)
Bloody Sunday - Old Friends and Dead Ends (Hardcore)
Grave Declaration - Lamentation (Symphonic Black Metal)
A Hope For Home - Babylon: The Insatiable Thirst (Progressive Hardcore/Metalcore)
Speck - Skin (Modern Rock)
Symphony In Peril - Seduction By Design (Metalcore)
Haven - The Calling (Power Metal)
Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin' the Ice (Classic Rock)
Lost Dogs - You Satisfy (Rock/Blues/Alternative)
Docile - Answer Me (Melodic Death Metal)
Ultimatum - Charged/Power (Thrash Metal)
Regime - Castles in the Sand (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Jacobs Dream - Minds Will BUrn (Progressive Metal)
Midiboy - Untitled (Industrial)
Sub-Train - Epidermis (Groove Metal)
Love Coma - She Was (Rock/Alternative)
The Choir - Beautiful Scandalous Night (Acoustic/Alternative)
Torman Maxt - Cause and Effect--Mary (Progressive Metal)
Spirit's Breeze - The Fall of Darkness Empire (Female-fronted Brutal Death Metal)

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