Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tonight's playlist!

Zao - Truly, Truly This is the End (Metalcore)
Tourniquet - Ready or Not (Thrash Metal)
Kekal - For the Greater Good (Avant-Garde Post-Metal)
Barnabas - Little Foxes (Female-fronted Classic Metal)
Infectious Apostasy - Constant War (Grindcore)
Pillar - Bring Me Down (Rapcore/Modern Hard Rock)
Honey - Worn (Indie Rock/Alternative)
Eclipsing Black - The Eclipsing Black (Dark Ambient)
Die Happy - Sticks and Stones (Hard Rock/Metal)
Left Out - What I Wouldn't Do For You If I Were You (Punk)
Sacrament - Mortal Agony (Thrash Metal)
Driver Eight - Drive (Alternative Rock)
Daniel Band - Power of Love (Classic Hard Rock/Metal)
Galactic Cowboys - Easy to Love (Metal/Power Ballad)
Saving Grace - In Your Own Hands (Metalcore)
Michael Knott - Brittle Body (Alternative/Ballad)
Final Axe - Blind Faith (Classic Metal)
Exeter Flud - Endless (Alternative Rock)
Mike Phillips - Nails and Tears (Progressive Metal)
Hokus Pick Manouver - Face in the Rain (Alternative Rock/Pop)
Harmony - Alone (Power Metal)
Officer Negative - Warmth (Metalcore)
The Benjamin Gate - Blow My Mind (Techno-Rock)
Breakfast With Amy - Little Maxine's Epiphany (Indie Rock/Alternative)
Pax 217 - Move On This (Rapcore)
Audiovision - King Is Alive (Power Metal)
Lengsel - Miss S.C. (Experimental Extreme Metal)
August Burns Red - Speech Impediment (Technical Metalcore)
Engravor - Your Face (E-Grind)
Soul Shock Remedy - Rain (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Tortured Conscience - Internal Torment (Brutal Death Metal)
Decision D - Holy Supper (Thrash Metal)
One Bad Apple - Post Mortem Depression (Rapcore/Groove Metal)
Vengeance Rising - Mulligan Stew (Thrash Metal)
Flesh Denial - Chainsaw Dissection of All Acts of the Sinful Nature (Grindcore)
Kashee Opeia - Dare a Leap in the Dark (Technical Metalcore)
Bride - Out For Blood (Classic Metal)
Thunderbucket - Mamma (Hard Rock)
Mortal - Grip (Industrial)
Old Ironside - Never Be the Same (Southern Hardcore/Rock)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tonight's playlist!

Frank's Enemy - One of Them (Death Metal/Experimental)
Teramaze - Storm Rain Tears (Progressive Metal)
First Strike - Hard Times (Hard Rock/Commercial Metal)
Joy Electric - From Mount Chorus (Synthpop)
Winter Solstice - Courtesy Bow (Metalcore)
Crux - Bring On Some Anarchy (Punk)
Morella's Forest - Glitter (Shoegazer/Alternative)
The Famine - Ascend (Metalcore)
Asher (US) - Lose Myself (Modern Rock)
Saviour Machine - Mark of the Beast (Gothic Metal)
Kekal - Envy and its Manifesto (Experimental Extreme Metal)
AD - Lead Me To Reason (80's Rock)
Remove the Veil - How To Jump a Ravine (Southern Hardcore)
Embodyment - Assembly Line Humans (Hardcore/Modern Heavy Rock mix)
Mad at the World - Promised Land (The Deception of Drugs) (Hard Rock)
Undercover - God Rules (Punk)
Confide - I Am Scared of Me (Melodic Hardcore)
Mirror of Dead Faces - This Is My Curse (Modern Death Metal)
Glad - New Creation (80's Rock)
Tourniquet - Crawl to China (Experimental Metal - CD Giveaway, original release copy!!!)
mewithoutYou - Son of a Widow (Indie Rock)
Deitiphobia - Exorcist (Industrial)
King James - Swing of the Street (Metal)
Crimson Thorn - Cultivated Decay (Death Metal)
Theocracy - On Eagles' Wings (Power Metal)
Sweet Comfort Band - What Did It Mean? (80's Rock)
Neocracy - Lost Divine (Modern Thrash/Metalcore)
Blackball - Doesn't Matter (Alternative Rock)
Industry Eleven - Why Should We (Industrial)
Hit the Deck - Unlikely Hero (Hardcore Punk)
Hilastherion - Save My Soul (Melodic Death Metal)
Jeff Scheetz - Amazing Grace (Instrumental Metal)
Elgibbor - War (Black Metal)
With Blood Comes Cleansing - My Help (Deathcore)
The Throes - Nature and the Soul (Alternative Rock)
The CafFiends - Twenty-Three (Post-Punk/Post-Hardcore)
Too Bad Eugene - Premodern Donna (Modern Rock/Pop-Punk)
White Heart - Lovers and Dreamers (Rock)
War of Ages - Heart of a Warrior (Metalcore)
Ordained Fate - One of the Insane (Female-fronted Thrash Metal)
The Blamed - Reason Escapes (Hardcore)
Fireflight - Stand Up (Female-fronted Modern Heavy Rock)
Oh, Sleeper - His Name Was Bishop (Metalcore)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's theme: "How Suite It Is"

Tonight's theme is "How Suite It Is" - it's all about suites of songs, 3 or more, and I've got several doozies for you all tonight! Suites from several genres, ranging 4 different decades, and loads of great music included. You don't want to miss out!

Decision D - Graffiti (Thrash Metal)
Random Eyes - For All the Nations (Power Metal)
Mortification - Raise the Chalice (Death Metal)
Morella's Forest - Candy Necklace Kind of Love (Shoegazer/Alternative)
Demon Hunter - One Thousand Apologies (Modern Heavy Rock/Metal)

"How Suite It Is"
Becoming the Archetype (Melodic/Progressive Death Metal)
The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Part 1)
Fire Made Flesh (The Physics of Fire Part 2)
Epoch of War (The Physics of Fire Part 3)
The Balance of Eternity (The Physics of Fire Part 4)

The Constellation Branch (Indie Rock/Progressive)
The False Awakening Pt 1: Prelucidity
The False Awakening Pt 2: The Carnival
The False Awakening Pt 3: Poisoned Apple

Galactic Cowboys (Progressive Modern Metal) - "The Machine Fish Suite"
Where Do I Sign?
Bright Horizons
Puppet Show
Mr. Magnet
Never Understand
Ranch on Mars Pt 2 (Set Me Free)
How Does It Feel?

Daniel Amos (Jesus Rock) - The Shotgun Angel suite (aka Side 2)
Finale: Bereshith Overture
Lady Goodbye
The Whistler
He's Gonna Do A Number On You
Sail Me Away
Posse In the Sky

Eternal Mystery (Grindcore)
Life of God on Earth Part 1 - Cloak Made of Human Flesh
Life of God on Earth Part 2 - The Ministry
Life of God on Earth Part 3 - The Conspiracy
Life of God on Earth Part 4 - Death and Reurrection

Joy Electric (Synthpop)
Prelude to Cubism
My Grandfather, The Cubist
Cubism Interlude

Barnabas (Classic/Progressive Metal)
The Dream
Breathless Wonderment

The Benjamin Gate - Scream (Techno Rock)
Greg X Volz - Hold on to the Fire (80s Rock)
Consider the Thief - Drink the Sea (Indie Rock)
Clear Convictions - Warning (Hardcore)
Jesus Freaks - Mourning By Night (Thrash Metal)
Steven Patrick - Angel Sing (Commercial Hard Rock)
Hello Nightmare - Days Become Nights (Metalcore)
Crashdog - Never Again (Punk)
Kiss the Gunner - Southern Comfort Ain't No Comfort (Southern Hardcore/Metal)

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Tonight's playlist has an "unofficial" theme of new music. Not all of it is brand new, but it's all stuff that's relatively new to my music collection. Much of it is stuff I've received in the last month or two, much of which I haven't had a chance to spin on my show yet. Lots of great stuff tonight, including the EXCLUSIVE PREMIER of the new O Majestic Winter song "Desparium" from their up-coming "Edward's Moon" EP!

Thy Will Be Done - Subversion of the Sleep (Metalcore)
Adiastasia - Father Of Light (Power Metal)
Maugrim - Decrepit Beings--They Fled Into the Shadows (Ambient Black)
Honey - Inside (Alternative/Indie Rock)
O Majestic Winter - Desparium (EXCLUSIVE PREMIER only on "The Gamut"!) (Ambient Black Metal)
Saint - Babylon the Great (Classic Metal)
The Crimson Armada - The Sound, The Floor, The Hour (Technical Deathcore)
Regime - Borderline (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Step Cousin - Cold (Thrash Metal)
Bon Voyage - West Coast Friendship (Indie Rock/Shoegazer)
Orphan Project - Angel's Desire (Progressive Metal)
Maylene & the Sons of Disaster - Settling Scores By Burning Bridges (Southern Hardcore/Metal)
Vociferor - Sorrow (Black Metal)
Venia - Victory By Surrender (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Hope For the Dying - Into Darkness We Ride (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Joy Electric - Marigoldeness (Synth Pop)
A Hill To Die Upon - Prometheus Rebound (Black/Death Metal)
The Sacrificed - Forgiven (Classic Metal)
Erasmus - into oceans, the ever One (Black Metal)
Blushing Well - Past Is Past (Progressive/Alternative/Hard Rock)
Seventh Angel - The Turning Tide (Doom/Thrash Metal)
Pesticides - Crossfire (Death Metal)
Hero - Immortal (Melodic Metal)
In Grief - I Am (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Screams of Chaos - Genetic War (Industrial Death Metal)
Eisley - Many Funerals (Indie Rock)
Eternal Ryte - Requiem (Classic Metal)
Bloodline Severed - Reborn (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Dark Lay Still - Psalm Which Speaks Of Legends (Black Metal)
Fasedown - Legacy of Nothing (Groove Metal/Metalcore)
Darkness Before Dawn - Kings To You (Melodic Death Metal)
Kosmos Express - Take Me Away (Alternative Rock)
Heaven's Force - Deliver Us From Evil (Thrash Metal)
Righteous Anger - Shine (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Evroklidon - Devlish Beast in the Eternal Fire (Black Metal)
Breaking the Fourth Wall - You Were Really Pretty Until You Opened Your Mouth (Post-Hardcore/Indie)
Atrophis - A Fallacy (Meshuggah-like Techno Metal)

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