Sunday, January 31, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!!!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Tourniquet - Ready or Not (Thrash Meta)
First Strike - Out of Control (Hard Rock/Metal)
Menahem - Angels and Shadows (Progressive Metal)
AP2 - The Only Man I Know (Techno-Rock/Industrial)
Kinetic Element - Riding In Time (Progressive Rock)
Kashee Opeia - Now That I Am Sated (Chaotic Metalcore)
Teramaze - Majestic Arrival (Progressive Metal)
Halcyon Way - A Manifesto For Domination (Progressive Metal)
Thousand Foot Krutch - Lift It (Rapcore/Rock)
Screams of Chaos - Seventh Seal (Industrial/Death Metal)
Venia (US) - Convictions (Hardcore)
Ultimatum - Repentance (Thrash Metal)
Syphony In Peril - Waiting To Breathe (Metalcore)
Letter 7 - Liar (Melodic Metal)
Thy Will Be Done - Threshold of the Spirit (Metalcore)
Jesus Freaks - Die With Me (Thrash Metal)
Fourth Estate - Blue Flame (Instrumental Guitar Rock)
Kekal - Like There's No Other Way To Go (Avant-Garde Extreme Metal)
Unveiled - Awaken Me (Female-fronted Modern Rock)
Soul Embraced - Forgiveness In Solitude (Modern Death Metal)
War of Ages - The Fall of Pride (Metalcore)
LSU - Mercy Maid (Alternative/Acoustic)
Feast Eternal - Of Service and Suffering (Death Metal)
Virgin Black - Museum of Iscariot (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Of the Son - I Live For the Day I Die (Metalcore)
Saviour Machine - Ascension of Heroes (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Beseiged - Carved in the Walls (Metalcore)
Resurrection Band - Elevator Muzik (Hard Rock)
Discern - Parallel the Righteousness (Death Metal)
Mad at the World - Don't End Your Dreams (Alternative Rock/Ballad)
Watchmen - One Day (Commercial Hard Rock/Ballad)
Castaway - When Silence Speaks (Modern Death Metal)
Poems of Shadows - Hordes of Darkness (Black Metal)
Patriarchs - Wasteland (Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore)
Sacrificium - Pierced By Death (Modern Death Metal)
Rehumanize - Lakewood Cemetery (Grindcore)
Bride - I Hear a Word (Alternative/Hard Rock)
Brim - Why? (Hard Rock/Metal)
Your Eyes My Dreams - The Forecast Calls For Rain (Metalcore)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The Gamut" - news about tonight!

I'll post my playlist later, but since I'm travelling for business, there's a small possibility that I may not be able to broadcast from the hotel, so if things aren't working tonight, don't fret. It just means I'm on an internet connection that is restricted & I might have to use the playlist for the following week instead :P