Friday, August 17, 2007

Decision D - Razon De La Muerte (1992)

Here is an interesting, little-known Dutch technical thrash band called Decision D. They are probably best remembered in the Christian metal scene for 3 things:
  1. The unique vocals of Edwin Ogenio.
  2. Their overtly technical style.
  3. The thin production of this album.
Yes, while it's true that many thrash bands first albums had poor production, and this being no exception, one can easily look past that to see the beauty within. The guitar is heavy, the riffs are plenty, the solo work is good (while not being outstanding), and the band sounds tight. Edwin has a variety of vocal sounds, ranging from a low, death metal growl to a high-pitched scream, and a few levels & sounds in between. Edwin's vocals are somewhat an acquired taste, but once you acquire them, you'll find this album has a lot to offer. Opening track "Diabolic Shadow" starts off full force with a driving riff, and Edwin screaming into a rapid-fire lyrical approach, sounding not unlike a hardcore punk band trying to spit out a lot of lyrics. However, Edwin's inflections make things more interesting. "World's Deception" slows things down a bit, and gives Edwin a chance to stretch out even more, vocally, and has some nice riffing. "Holy Supper", my other fav on the album, has an awesome chorus riff, in addition to an interesting vocal by Edwin.

All in all, a difficult album to come by (though not nearly as difficult as its follow-up, Moratoria), but worth the search. This is a forgotten Christian thrash gem that should have been appreciated by more people, had they received distribution through someone like Diamante back in the day. Sadly, few outside of Europe heard this unless they ordered through someone like Rad Rockers.


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