Saturday, August 16, 2008

Want your stuff reviewed? I want to review it!

I always love the opportunity to hear new music, and any chance I get to check out new & up-coming bands is always appreciated. I like to hear new music, and hear how rock & metal changes over the years as new influences are brought in, as well as how the old guard is appreciated & sometimes re-interpreted. Whatever style you play, if you'd like a thorough, honest review of your stuff (I may be brutal!), feel free to send me your CD/7"/tape/MP3s/etc. NO, this is not a plea to get free music (though I love free music), but an open invitation for bands to get a review based on their music & my assessment of it. Read some of the other reviews on the site, and if you like what you read & want me to review your stuff, e-mail me (metalfro777 at hotmail dot com OR metalfro at frontiernet dot net) & I will get you my address info so you can send along your demo or CD release. Again, this is not a plea for free music - I plan on reviewing everything I get, as quickly as my free time allows.

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