Sunday, May 24, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

After a week's absence, The Gamut is back w/ more great music tonight!

Tourniquet - Sola Christus (Groove/Thrash Metal)
Divinefire - Grow and Follow (Power Metal w/ some harsh vocals)
Eternal Mystery - Leper Gospel Pt. 2 (Grindcore)
Servant - Now Is the Time (80's Rock)
War of Ages - Through the Flames (Melodic Metalcore)
Fluffy - My America (Punk/Alternative)
Living Sacrifice - Local Vengeance Killing (Metalcore)
Stricken - Vicious Cycle (Modern Groove Metal)
Jetenderpaul - In Parking Lots (Indie Rock/Pop)
Elgibbor - The Young Man and His Elder (Black Metal)
Stand Your Ground - Our Time (Melodic Hardcore)
Common Yet Forbidden - Violence (Modern Death Metal/Thrashcore)
Scaterd Few - Scapegoat (Punk)
Saint - Through You (Classic Metal)
Deliverance - Attack (Thrash Metal)
Blackball - What's In A Name (Heavy Funk/Rock)
Third Day - I Deserve? (Modern Rock)
Saviour Machine - The False Prophet (Gothic Rock/Metal)
For Today - A Higher Standard (Technical Metalcore)
The Clergy - Friends (Female-fronted Punk)
Crimson Moonlight - Painful Mind Contradiction (Black/Death Metal)
Leviticus - Light For the World (Classic Metal)
xLooking Forwardx - You're Worth It (Melodic Hardcore Punk - CD giveaway!)
Winter Solstice - The Hampton Roads Fourth Annual Parade of the Blind (Metalcore)
Skillet - The Thirst Is Taking Over (Techno-rock)
Becoming the Archetype - Second Death (Melodic Death Metal)
Flesh Denial - Evisceration of Perversion (Grindcore)
Guardian - The Captain (Acoustic Rock Ballad)
Focal Point - No Return (Metallic Hardcore)
Arnion - Human Holocaust (Thrash Metal)
The Benjamin Gate - Do What You Say (Techno-rock)
Circle of Dust - Dissolved '92 (Industrial)
Bride - Place (Hard Rock)
Demon Hunter - My Heartstrings Come Undone (Nu-metal/Metalcore/Ballad)
Sacred Warrior - Paradise (Classic Metal)
Sympathy - Adept Arcana (Death Metal)
Veni Domine - Deep Down Under (Gothic/Doom Metal)
Narnia - The Mission (Power/Neoclassical Metal)
Barnabas - Stormclouds (Classic Metal)
The Throes - Fertile (Alternative Rock)
Of the Son - Crucify (Metalcore)

Stick around after the regular time slot for the show - I'll be playing more great tunes to celebrate Memorial day! Don't forget to tune in via !

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