Sunday, March 14, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + CD Giveaway!!!

Despite the fact that I've been sick most of the weekend, the show must go on!

Listen to tonight's show for a CD giveaway - "Aggressive Angel" by Heaven's Force!  This is classic thrash metal, ala early Slayer, that is the earliest-known thrash with lyrics based upon Christian themes.  These 2 demos, recorded in 1983 and 1984 have never been widely available until now, in this limited edition digipak of 500 copies!  Don't pass up your chance to own this piece of history, make sure to listen in & enter for your chance to win!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Ezra - Bury the Dead (Death Metal)
One-Eighty - Just Like You (Female-fronted Ska/Punk)
Seventh Angel - In Ruins (Doom/Thrash Metal)
World To Ashes - The Lucent Gate (Melodic Death Metal)
Veni Domine - Eli Lema Sabbachtani (Gothic/Doom Metal)
Saint - In the Battle (Classic Metal)
Saints Never Surrender - Who Is... (Melodic Hardcore)
The Choir - Mercy Lives Here (Acoustic/Alternative)
Eternal Mystery - In God We Grind (Grindcore)
Deliverance - Map (Progressive Metal)
Remove the Veil - The Crux (Southern Metalcore)
Crimson Moonlight - Embraced By the Beauty of Cold (Black/Death Metal)
Sweet Comfort Band - Neighborhood Kids (80s Rock)
Random Eyes - Take Me Away (Power Metal)
Ruby Joe - Let's Go (Rockabilly)
Liberdade Suprema - Levante-se para Vencer (Death Metal)
Confide - The Bigger Picture (Screamo)
Hero - Gasoline (Modern Metal)
Mortification - Until the End (Death Metal)
Outlander - Wood (Progressive Metal)
Flatorophia - Catastrophic Death (Grindcore)
Dumpster - Divining (Alternative Rock)
Larry Norman - I Am a Servant (Jesus Rock/Ballad)
I Built the Cross - Minus One Star For Christianity (Technical Deathcore)
Bloodgood - You Lose (Classic Metal)
Kekal - Subsession - Once Again It Failed (Experimental Extreme Metal)
Bloodline Severed - Fear Of Reality (Modern Extreme Metal)
Ultimatum - Warlord's Sword (Thrash Metal)
Barry McGuire - Cosmic Cowboy (Jesus Rock)
Hot Pink Turtle - A Lil' Groove (Funk/Alternative)
Sotahuuto - Vastarintaan (Modern Death Metal)
Heaven's Force - Slaughter the Beast (Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Lo-Ruhamah - What Lines Reveal (Experimental Extreme Metal)
Dysfunctional Rotout - Welcome to Reality (Death/Grind)
Daniel Amos - Our Night To Howl, Time To Go Dancing (Alternative Rock)
Leaderdogs For the Blind - The Weather (Techno Rock)
A Hill To Die Upon - We Soulless Men (Black/Death Metal)
Visual Cliff - Angelic Shield (Instrumental Guitar Rock)
Aleixa - Non-Self (Female-fronted Techno Rock)
Deborah - Exorcism (Female-fronted Black Metal)

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