Sunday, April 18, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!!!

If the show starts a few minutes late, don't panic!!! I have a family gathering today, so I might be a couple minutes late getting home - don't worry, the show must go on!

Tonight's playlist!!!

In the Midst of Lions - Field of Blood (Melodic Deathcore)
Onward to Olympus - Sink or Swim (Melodic Metalcore)
DigHayZoose - Struggle Fish (Funk Metal/Alternative)
xLooking Forwardx - xLFx (Hardcore Punk)
The Omega Chronicles - Alpha Destitute (Experimental Extreme Meta) - The Gamut premier!!!
The Ortistix - Just a Theory (Drum & Bass Punk)
Vomitorial Corpulence - The Clone Machine (Grindcore)
Six Feet Deep - Steadfast (Hardcore)
HB - Frozen Inside (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Fluffy - Little Finger Eye, Coda (Grunge/Punk/Alternative)
Sotahuuto - Et sas minua elavana (Modern Death Metal)
Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing (80s Rock)
Eternal Mystery - Nation of Walking Dead (Grindcore) - The Gamut premier!!!
Eternal Mystery - Fire Purged Flesh (Grindcore) - The Gamut premier!!!
Love Coma - Summerwind (Alternative Rock)
Frank's Enemy - Lamento (Death/Grind)
Crashdog - Electric Drug (Punk)
Blushign Well - Safe (Alternative Rock)
Teramaze - Carousal Chain (Progressive Metal)
Eowyn - Runaway (Female-fronted Modern Heavy Rock)
Haven - Below the Grave (Power Metal)
Immortal Souls - Everwinter (Melodic Death Metal)
Extol - Inferno (Technical Black/Death Metal)
Randy Stonehill - The Winner (High Card) (Jesus Rock)
Indwelling - Decay (Death Metal)
L.O.U.D. - Hosanna (Metal Praise)
Industry Eleven - self (Industrial)
Randy Rose - Walls of Hate (Hard Rock/Metal)
Narnia - The Mission (Power Metal)
War of Ages - Stone By Stone (Metalcore)
Thresher - Altar of Sacrifice (Thrash Metal)
Grave Robber - I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again (Horror Punk)
Harmony - I Run (Melodic Power Metal)
Honey - Inside (Alternative Rock)
Post Mortum - Burning Tears (Nu-Metal/Progressive)
Fire Throne - Nadchodzi Lew (Black Metal)
Last Chapter - The Belated (Doom Metal)
Magdallan - Love to the Rescue (Commercial Metal/Hard Rock)
Mortal - Enfleshed [The Word Is Alive] (Industrial)
Believer - Redshift (Technical Thrash Metal)
Visual Cliff - Beneath the Sand (Progressive Metal)
Jetenderpaul - The Place of Fame and Elegy (Indie Pop)
Imagine This - Fields Of Your Life (Rock/Acoustic)
Templar - Sweet Misery (Dark/Gothic Metal)
Aleixa - Whirling Within (Female-fronted Techno Rock)
Broken Fist - Point of Perception (Metallic Hardcore)

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