Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + CD & e-book Giveaways!!!

It's gonna be a great show, I have 2 CD's to give away tonight!  I'm giving away a copy of the Christian Metal Fellowship Compilation, Volume II which features some exlusive tracks not found anywhere!  I am also giving away a copy of the full-length album by Venia (FIN) called "Victory By Surrender", a driving female-fronted power metal band.  Plus, I'll be throwing in copies of the digital book "Metal Missionaries" which I recently wrote a review of for my weblog: !

Tonight's playlist!!!

Renascent - Demons' Quest (Melodic Death Metal)
RedSea - Tears of Joy (Bluesy Hard Rock/Ballad)
Seven Angels - Walking All Over the Seas (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Mirror of Dead Faces - The Beginning of Sorrows (Modern Death Metal)
Clash of Symbols - This (Alternative Rock)
Rob Rock - Lion of Judah (Power Metal)
Loudflower - Comfortable Bed (Alternative Rock)
Jetenderpaul - India's Golden Gateway (Indie Pop)
Echoes the Fall - Your Move (Modern Heavy Rock)
Step Cousin - I Don't Need It (Thrash Metal)
Haven - Murder (Power Metal)
Slechtvalk - Mortal Serenity (Black/Viking Metal)
Saint - Crime Scene Earth (Classic Metal)
Glad - Dare To Love (80's Rock)
Erasmus - Nausea (Black Metal)
Templar - Black Scar (Groove/Gothic Metal)
Vector - Scottish Coast (New Wave/Rock)
Dumpster - The Way Is Low (Alternative Rock)
Darkwater - Shattered (Progressive Metal)
Mangled Carpenter - Shadows (Grinding Deathcore)
20/20 Blind - Sleepyland (Hard Rock)
Eternal Ryte - The King (Classic Metal)
P.K. Mitchell - Take My Life (Instrumental/Hard Rock)
King's Crown - Passion Statement (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Venia (FIN) - Broken Chains (Female-fronted Power Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Extol - Tears of Bitterness (Progressive Black Metal)
Kosmos Express - Dreammaker (Alternative Rock)
Menahem - Escape (Progressive Metal)
Convalesce - Enemies (Metalcore)
Divulgence - The Swarm of Eden (Blackened Thrash)
Cast a Fire - Whisper (Calling You) (Modern Heavy Rock)
Klank - Don't Count Me Out (ft. Jim Chaffin & Larry Farkas) (Industrial/Heavy Rock)
Dead Moons Grey - Hazard (Southern Hard Rock)
Seventh Avenue - Terium (Power Metal)
Pastor Brad - Cold Blooded Killer (ft. Ski Kiersznowski) (Metal/Hard Rock)
Exegesis - Almas Mecanicas (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Steve Yost - Petrafied (Classic Rock)
As I Lay Dying - Vacancy (Metalcore)

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