Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + 3 CD Giveaways!!!

I have 3 CD's to give away tonight!  First, the final release from Metalcore band Alove For Enemies, entitled "Resistance".  2nd is the debut full-length by technical deathcore powerhouse I Built the Cross, called "Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart".  Plus I have a copy of the RetroActive Records sampler "A Salute to World-Class Rock"!

Tonight's playlist!!!

As I Lay Dying - Comfort Betrays (Technical Metalcore)
Step Cousin - You Remain (Thrash Metal)
W. - Harvesting (Grindcore)
Sincerely Paul - House Of Fire (Gothic Rock)
Ten-33 - Stop Looking (Hardcore Punk)
Horde - Behold, the Rising of the Scarlet Moon (Black Metal)
Myrath - No Turning Back (Progressive Metal)
Common Yet Forbidden - Still We Remain (Death Metal)
Loudflower - Crime of the Century (Alternative Rock with horns!)
Alove For Enemies - Tread On My Dreams (Metalcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Illuminandi - Poczekalnia (Gothic/Folk Metal)
Rehumanize - Human Quicksand (Grindcore)
Joy Electric - On Being Principally Utopian (Synthpop)
Kekal - Vox Diaboli (Avant Garde Extreme Metal)
Theocracy - Absolution Day (Progressive Power Metal)
I Built the Cross - Head High Heavy Heart (Technical Deathcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Hguols - All but Life was Lost (Instrumental Black Metal)
The Way - Livin' On the Bottle (Jesus Rock)
Starflyer 59 - Who Said It's Easy? (Alternative Rock)
InnerWish - Burning Desire (Power Metal)
Northern Ash - Patterns of Decay (Thrash/Death/Black Metal hybrid)
Jetenderpaul - Chugga-Chugga, Mr. Chomsky (Indie Pop)
Deitiphobia - Have Mercy (Industrial)
Death Is Not Welcome Here - Closer Than You Think (Modern Rock/Emo)
Hortor - Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed In Dust (Black Metal)
Human Condition - Life and Love (New Wave/Rock)
Fires of Babylon - Lazarus Rising (Power Metal) - CD sampler Giveaway!!!
Driver Eight - Strange (Alternative Rock)
Rob Cassels - Battles Won (Jesus Rock)
Means - Connected (Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore)
oraVita - Jesus Send Your Spirit Down (Female-fronted Indie Rock)
Stroghold - Desert Walker (Hard Rock)
Monolith - Across the Baltic (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Bloodgood - Battle of the Flesh (Classic Metal)
Becoming the Archetype - Artificial Immortality (Melodic Death Metal)
Essence of Sorrow - Mind Control (Progressive Metal)
Pantokrator - The Initiation (Death Metal)
Detritus - Point of No Return (Thrash Metal)
Debtor - Failure (Hardcore Punk)
Emery - Disguising Mistakes As Goodbye (Progressive Post-Hardcore)
Goodnight Star - Compu-Friend (Synthpop)
Ethereal Scourge - Hecatombs (Melodic Death Metal)

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