Sunday, September 5, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + 3 CD Giveaways!!!

The "unofficial" theme of the show tonight is new music!  Most of what you're going to hear is stuff that's relatively new, some of it brand new.  A few items in the show are just new to my collection, either older gems I hadn't acquired until recently or CDs that I just hadn't picked up for one reason or another.  Lots of new stuff in the show, however!

Tonight's giveaways are all about thrash metal!  First giveaway is the demo EP by Divulgence, ready to take over the world with their soon-to-be-released Bombworks debut!  Next, the early thrash demos of Heaven's Force, the "Aggressive Angel" digipak re-issue!  Lastly, the death metal-tinged Transfigural Form release "Blood"!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Impending Doom - There Will Be Violence (Deathcore)
Crystavox - Sacrifice (Classic Metal)
Pope - Within a Great Void (Dark Ambient)
Goredeath - Souls Hacked to Shreds (Death Metal)
Jamie Rowe - Amy (Pop Rock)
Wolves Among Sheep - Oh, My, What Big Teeth You Have! (Melodic Metalcore/Screamo)
The Sacrificed - 2012 (Progressive Metal)
Glamdring - Fallen False Superior (Black Metal)
Veer Chasm - Acher (Industrial)
Divulgence - The Swarm of Eden (Technical Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Eden In Ruins - The Grave (Doom Metal)
Timesword - A Thousand Year Kingdom (Progressive Metal)
The Juliana Theory - To the Tune of 5,000 Screaming Children (Emo/Modern Rock)
Whitecross - No Way I'm Goin' Down (Classic Metal)
Heaven's Force - Deliver Us From Evil (Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Lordchain - Cry (Metal)
System Failure - Building For Insanity (Chaotic Metalcore)
The Choir - Midnight Sun (Alternative Rock)
My Silent Wake - Devoid of Light (Doom Metal)
A Plea For Purging - Shiver (Metalcore)
Titanic - Gods of War (Classic Metal)
The Moshketeers - Posers of Deceit (Thrash Metal)
My Darkest Time - Salt of the Earth (Doom/Thrash/Death Metal hybrid)
Forgiven Rival - The Grey (Melodic Metalcore)
Seven Kingdoms - Somewhere Far Away (Female-fronted Power Metal)
The Rex Carroll Band - Delta Memories (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Transfigural Form - State of Decay (Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Hundredth - Catalysts (Hardcore)
Admonish - Tower of Strength (Black Metal)
King James - The Frenzy (Metal)
Job - A Psalm For the First Cause and Last Refuge (Doom Metal)
The Color Morale - Close Your Eyes and Look Away (Melodic Metalcore)
InnerWish - Burning Desires (Power Metal)
Metanoia - Enslavement (Death Metal)
Living Sacrifice - Rules of Engagement (Groove/Extreme Metal)
Mortal - Paradigm One (Techno-Rock)
Elotheos - Heart's Carrier (Screamo/Melodic Hardcore)

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