Sunday, February 13, 2011

"The Gamut" is back tonight!!!

The Gamut is in full swing again after a break for some business travel and family stuff! Lots of new stuff going on with as the forum and chat moves there - you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account to chat, or sign up for an "Envolve" account for the site, but go check it out! Also check out the new forum at! As always, lots of great tunes in the show, so tune in tonight at 9 PM EST and check it out!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Renascent - Wisdom Calls (Melodic Death Metal)
Sweet Comfort Band - I Need Your Love Again (Classic Rock)
Cast a Fire - Black Stage (Gothic Rock/Metal)
Jetenderpaul - When Will We Dance In Golden Gowns (Indie Pop)
Rob Rock - Calling Angels (Melodic Power Metal)
Joy Electric - Song For All Time (Synthpop)
ForChristSake - O (Black/Death Metal)
Majestic Vanguard - The Great Eternity (Melodic Power Metal)
Spy Glass Blue - Me Mine (Gothic Rock)
Long Suffering - Generational Deliverance (Grindcore)
Lordchain - Unpredictable (Hard Rock/Groove Metal)
Detritus - Eviction (Thrash Metal)
Narcissus - Pride/Politics (Post-Hardcore)
SorrowStorm - The Arduous Warpath (Black Metal)
The Prayer Chain - Big Wheel (Grunge/Alternative)
Crux - Circle (Punk)
L.O.U.D. - I Owe You Praise (Hard Rock)
Corpse - Deceived (Death Metal)
Fireflight - Waiting (Female-fronted Modern Heavy Rock)
Starflyer 59 - Canary Row (Shoegazer/Alternative)
The Blamed - Forever (Hardcore)
Kosmos Express - In My Face (Alternative Rock)
Mad At The World - If You Listen (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Danielson Famile - Thanx to Noah (Indie Pop)
Stand Your Ground - Coup de Main (Melodic Hardcore)
Five Star Eighty - Understanding (Pop-Punk)
Seventh Angel - Exordium (Doom/Thrash Metal)
Eternal Mystery - Is Abuse a Joke (Grindcore)
Fearscape - Scent of Divine Blood (Melodic Black Metal)
Deliverance - No Love (Thrash Metal)
Menahem - New Chance (Progressive Metal)
Paramaecium - Haemorrhage of Hatred (Doom/Death Metal)
Dark Lay Still - Bring Them the Morning Star (Melodic Black Metal)
With Blood Comes Cleansing - Bring Out Your Dead (Deathcore)
Saint - Crying In the Night (Classic Metal)
X-Propagation - Conflict (Instrual)
Morella's Forest - Hang Out (Female-fronted Alternative/Shoegazer)
Recon - Dreams (Metal)
Illuminandi - The Promise (Gothic Metal)
Undercover - Darkest Hour (80s Rock) - Intense Millennium remaster debut!
Bridgeshadows - Let This Begin (Techno-Rock/Industrial)
Taketh - Consequence (Of Abusing Human Weakness) (Melodic Death Metal)

Check out the re-designed Untombed website @ ! You can tune in easily via the web-based player on the front page, link to the stream via your regular audio player, read album reviews, get music news, and link up to other great resources, including the newly redesigned Divine Metal Distro site, your one-stop source for all things Christian rock and metal! Don't forget, station chat has moved to at the bottom of the site, so make sure you sign up or use a Facebook or Twitter account to sign in and chat w/ me and other listeners during the show!

Alternate links to listen to the stream in a separate player (Winamp recommended, though Real Player, VLC, iTunes and others work as well):

Here's the link for Windows Media Player:

Also our stream can now be heard on Nintendo Wii! If you have a Wii, here is what you do:

1.go on the net via your Wii console
2. type "" into your browser address box
3. type "" into the Search box
4. Click the play arrow

It can take 5-10 seconds to load up & buffer, so please be patient when using this feature :)

You can also stream the station via on your PSP, PS3, Wii, iPhone, or even your TiVo! Plus you can stream the show via your Windows Mobile phone with the free GSPlayer application! Listen in from your Android device via the "A Online Radio" or StreamFurious applications, as well as the new beta version of Winamp for the Android platform!

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