Sunday, March 6, 2011

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + 3 CD Giveaways!!!

Tonight is a great night for The Gamut because CD giveaways return!  Yes, you read that right - I'll be giving a way 3 CDs in the show tonight!  First, the latest release by black metal masters Elgibbor, "Soterion Apollumi Hamartia"!  Then I've got some crushing technical deathcore with I Built the Cross' "Bridging the Gap Between Heart and Mind" release!  We also have the Mexican black metal Hortor's latest release "Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed Into Dust" to give away too!  So tune in tonight via at 9 PM EST for your chance to win!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Wrench in the Works - Faith is a Virus (Noisy Metalcore)
Bride - Human Race (Alternative/Hard Rock)
Harmony - Kingdom (Melodic Power Metal)
Elder - Down the Stairs (Grunge/Rock)
Galactic Cowboys - Young Man's Dream (Progressive Metal)
Katamari Deathroll - Twin Bed Nation (Electro-Hardcore/Dance Punk)
Sotahuuto - Kaillo (Modern Extreme Metal)
Morella's Forest - Gentle Go the Hours (Female-fronted Alternative Rock)
Ultimatum - Heart of Metal (Thrash Metal)
Elgibbor - A New Warrior King (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
LSU - Let Me Out (Alternative Rock)
Mortificatino - Priests of the Underground (Thrash/Power Metal)
Resurrection Band - American Dream (Classic Rock)
Overcome - House of Cards (Hardcore)
I Built the Cross - Hatred From the Religions (Technical Deathcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Majestic Vanguard - Don't to be an Actor (Melodic Power Metal)
Dance House Children - Keepsake Melody (Synthpop)
The W's - 101 (Ska)
The Culprits - Misery (Hardcore Punk)
Honey - Missing You (Alternative/Indie Pop)
Hortor - Ancient Satanic Rituals Are Crushed In Dust (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Exhumed Alive - The Nature of Maggots (E-Grind)
Regime - Borderline (Commercial Metal)
POD - Run (Rapcore)
Soul Shock Remedy - Dreamz (Alternative Rock)
Metanoia - Offensive (Death Metal)
Believer - Stress (Technical Thrash Metal)
HB - It Is Time (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
ForChristSake - O (Thrash/Death Metal)
Common Yet Forbidden - Violence (Thrashcore)
Driver Eight - Strange (Alternative Rock)
Extol - Emancipation (Technical Thrash Metal)
Demon Hunter - Relentless Intolerance (Melodic Metalcore)
Undecover - He Takes Care Of Me (Pop Punk)
Darkness Before Dawn - Undeserved Hatred (Melodic Death Metal)
the Human Flight Committee - Wolves In Cheap Clothing (Indie Rock)
Towne Cryer - Political Man (Female-fronted Metal)
Saint - Phantom of the Galaxy (Classic Metal)
Crystavox - Break Down the Wall (Hard Rock/Metal)
Ruby Joe - Get It Right (Rockabilly)
Stryper - Keep the Fire Burning (Commercial Metal)
Consecrator - Free From Death (Thrash Metal)
Thy Will Be Done - Bloodwitness (Metalcore)

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