Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Gamut - tonight's playlist!!!

Loads of awesome music in the show tonight, including a few tunes I've never played and a couple bands I don't play as often or haven't played in a while!  Tune in at 9 PM EST via to listen in!

Tonight's playlist!
Holy Blood - Cold Winds (Folk/Black Metal)
Kidnap the Sun - Informal Invitation (Modern Rock/Screamo)
38th Parallel - Turn the Tides (Rapcore)
The Seventy Sevens - Cold Cold Night (Alternative rock)
Souljourners - Mind Control (Progressive Metal)
House of Wires - The Door With 5000 Locks (Synthpop)
Sacrament - Supplication of the Destitute (Technical Thrash Metal)
Human Condition - Searching For the Perfect Love (New Wave/Rock)
Mortification - Pushing the Envelope of the Red Sonrise (Metal)
Callisto - Drying Mouths (In a Gasping Land) (Post-Metal)
Erase - Love Lost (Groove Metal)
The Deadlines - Murder Creek Road (Horror Punk)
The Chinese Express - Built For Rock 'n Roll (Post-Hardcore)
Plague of Ethyls - Phantom Binge (Female-fronted Grunge)
Sweet Comfort Band - Lookin' For the Answer (80s Rock)
Starflyer 59 - A Good Living (Alternative Rock)
Virgin Black - II Embrace (Gothic Metal)
Impending Doom - The Great Fear (Deathcore)
Crux - New Morality (Punk)
Joy Electric - On Being Principally Utopian (Synthpop)
Coram Deo - Hands of the Father (Melodic Black Metal)
Emery - Addicted to Bad Decisions (Post-Hardcore)
Bringing Down Broadway - Destiny (Metalcore)
Not Under Sin - Catastrofe Final (Brutal Death Metal)
InnerWish - Burning Desires (Power Metal)
Feast Eternal - Blood Forged (Death Metal)
Rick Cua - Shakedown (80s Rock)
Eulogium - In Hours of Sadness (Black Metal)
Fear Not - Give It Up (Hard Rock)
Wrench in the Works - DeathSlayer (Metalcore)
Fires of Babylon - Lake of Fire (Power Metal)
7days - Fall Again (Progressive Metal)
I Built the Cross - Misguided Ministry (Technical Deathcore)
First Strike - I Want You (Hard Rock)
Circle of Dust - Twisted Reality (Industrial)
Saviour Machine - A World Alone (Gothic Metal)
Audiovision - The Son Will Come (Melodic Metal)
A Plea For Purging - Trembling Hands (Metalcore)

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