Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Gamut - tomorrow night's playlist!!!

The Gamut is full of awesome music and huge variety, as always!  Tune in Sunday evening at 9 PM EST via to listen in!

Tonight's playlist!
Tortured Conscience - Modern Day Pharisees (Death Metal)
ReinXeed - 1912 (Melodic Power Metal)
Halcyon Way - On Black Wings (Progressive Metal)
Carrying the Fire - Free At Last (Hardcore)
Fear Not - Give It Up (Hard Rock)
Behold the Kingdom - Valley (Deathcore)
Kekal - Futuride (Avant-Garde Post-Metal)
Terraphobia - Soldiers of the New Millennium (Thrash Metal)
Believer - End of Infinity (Progressive Metal)
Blood Covenant - Fall Babylon (Black Metal)
Golden Resurrection - Standing On the Rock (Melodic Power Metal)
Dirge For Today - There are flowers on your grave (Blackened Folk)
Decision D - Diabolic Shadow (Technical Thrash Metal)
Joy Electric - The Electric Joy Toy Company (Synthpop)
Oh, Sleeper - Son of the Morning (Metalcore)
Menahem - Prisons Without Walls (Progressive Metal)
The Scurvies - Don't Let Me Go (Punk)
Swine Suicide - Howls of Worship (Black Metal)
POD - On Fire (Rapcore)
Crossforce - Out of the Darkness (Classic Metal)
Project 86 - The Spy Hunter (Modern Heavy Rock)
Eisley - Oxygen Mask (Female-fronted Indie Pop)
Becoming the Archetype - Path of the Beam (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Random Eyes - New Flow (Melodic Power Metal)
Sotahuuto - Tohuaja (Modern Death Metal)
Saint - To the Cross (Classic Metal)
Stairs to Nowhere - Silent Times (Between Torpedoes) (Indie Rock)
Staple - The Songwriter (Post-Hardcore)
Woe of Tyrants - Break the Fangs of the Wicked (Melodic Death Metal)
Incrave - Unveil the Truth (Melodic Power Metal)
Pastor Brad - Turn Up the Light (feat. Ken Tamplin) (Hard Rock)
The Moshketeers - Locked In Chains (Thrash Metal)
Omar Domkus - Tianenmen Square (Female-fronted Alternative)
Nomad Son - At the Thresholds of Consciousness (Doom Metal)
Job - A Psalm for the First Caust and Last Refuge (Experimental Doom Metal)
Seven Kingdoms - Somewhere Far Away (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Thy Will Be Done - Mourning Without the Sun (Metalcore)

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Alternate links to listen to the stream in a separate player (Winamp recommended, though Real Player, VLC, iTunes and others work as well):

Here's the link for Windows Media Player:

Also our stream can now be heard on Nintendo Wii! If you have a Wii, here is what you do:

1.go on the net via your Wii console
2. type "" into your browser address box
3. type "" into the Search box
4. Click the play arrow

It can take 5-10 seconds to load up & buffer, so please be patient when using this feature :)

You can also stream the station via on your PSP, PS3, Wii, iPhone, or even your TiVo!  Plus you can stream the show via your Windows Mobile phone with the free GSPlayer application, or your new Windows Phone 7 device via StreamyThing!  Listen in from your Android device via the "A Online Radio" or StreamFurious applications, as well as the new beta version of Winamp for the Android platform!

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