Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Gamut - Vinyl Confessions tonight!!!

As is Gamut tradition, the 3rd episode of each week is a theme - tonight's theme is Vinyl Confessions!  Named after the classic Kansas album of the same name, it means that every song you hear in the show tonight is something that has been pressed to vinyl.  You may be surprised at how much new music is on vinyl, as well as what classics are on vinyl that you may not have been aware of!  Tons of awesome wax in the show this week, so tune in tonight at 9 PM EST via to listen in!

Tonight's playlist!
Impending Doom - There Will Be Violence (Deathcore)
Whitecross - Red Light (Classic/Commercial Metal)
Daniel Amos - My Room (New Wave/Rock)
Place of Skulls - Cornerstone (Doom Metal)
The Way - Do You Feel the Change? (Jesus Music)
The Crucified - Mindbender (Crossover/Thrash Metal)
Tourniquet - The Threshing Floor (Progressive Thrash Metal)
Grave Robber - Fear No Evil (Horror Punk)
Frost Like Ashes - Born To Pieces (Black Metal)
Vector - Mannequin Virtue (New Wave/Rock)
Leviticus - Let Me Fight (Classic Metal)
Further Seems Forever - How To Start a Fire (Emo/Modern Rock)
False Idle - High Hopes (Punk)
Theocracy - 30 Pieces of Silver (Progressive Power Metal)
Detritus - Point Of No Return (Thrash Metal)
Joy Electric - Burgundy Years (Synthpop)
Guardian - I'll Never Leave You (Classic/Commercial Metal)
War of Ages - The Fallen (Metalcore)
The Esventy Sevens - What Was In That Letter (Rock)
Deliverance - If You Will (Thrash Metal)
Mortification - Impulsation (Progressive Death Metal)
Barnabas - Subterfuge (Female-fronted Progressive Metal)
Petra - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered (Hard Rock)
Vengeance Rising - Fatal Delay (Thrash Metal)
Jetenderpaul - Seapoon's Casket (Indie Pop)
My Silent Wake - Cruel Gray Skies (Doom Metal)
Love Song - Freedom (Jesus Music)
The Dark Romantics - Lonely...Alone (Indie Pop)
SinBreed - Dust to Dust (Power Metal)
The Blue Letter - We'll Cutn Down the Trees and Name Our Streets After Them (Post-Hardcore)
For Today - Seraphim (Metalcore)
Becoming the Archetype - Into Oblivion (Progressive Death Metal)
Anberlin - Godspeed (Modern Rock)
Hands - Cube (Progressive Post-Hardcore)
InnerWish - Sirens (Power Metal)
Bloodgood - Self-Destruction (Classic Metal)
A Plea For Purging - Heart Of a Child (Metalcore)
Mad At The World - There Is No Easy Way Out (Synthpop)
Stryper - Surrender (Classic/Commercial Metal)
First Strike - Hard Times (Hard Rock)
Final Axe - Baptized In Blood (Classic Metal)
Carrying the Fire - Bleednig Hearts and Bloody Hands (Hardcore)

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