Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Gamut - tonight's playlist!!!

Sorry about being incommunicado last week - I came down with a nasty case of Pneumonia and was pretty much down for 3 or 4 days!  However, I have bounced back and am feeling better, which means The Gamut continues!  I have a fairly diverse playlist for you this evening, so tune in at 9 PM EST and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
Aletheian - Call to Arms (Technical Death Metal)
False Idle - It Is Well With My Soul (Punk)
Eisley - Kind (Female-fronted Indie Pop)
Enlow - Calling Out the Oppressor (Melodic Hardcore)
X-Propagation - Lover (Industrial)
Forgiven Rival - Time Is Taking Over (Melodic Metalcore)
Hawthorn - Deadly Dreams (Melodic Black Metal)
Debtor - Radiant (Hardcore Punk)
Mad At The World - Don't End Your Dreams (Alternative/Ballad)
Daniel Amos - The Glory Road (Alternative Rock)
Lordian Guard - Stygian Passage (Female-fronted Progressive Metal)
Deliverance - In the Will (Groove Metal)
SoulFood76 - Voice (Alternative Rock)
Call to Preserve - Stand and Fight (Hardcore)
Hilastherion - A Sinner's Song of Desperation (Melodic Death Metal)
Frost Like Ashes - Immortalis 2008 (Black Metal)
After the Order - No Place Like Home (Alternative Rock)
Glad - 20th Century Man (80s Rock)
Bloodgood - Awake! (Classic Metal)
Servant - World of Sand (Female-fronted 80s Rock)
Leper - If Everything Was Green (Gothic Rock)
Boarders - Signs of Resistance (Melodic Metal) - The Gamut premier!!!
Saint Spirit - In Your Image, In Your Likeness (Thrash Metal) - The Gamut premier!!!
ReinXeed - Terror Has Begun (Power Metal)
The Scurvies - A Slightly Nervous Breakdown (Punk)
Immortal Souls - Reek of Rotting Rye (Melodic Death Metal)
Theocracy - Altar to the Unknown God (Progressive Power Metal)
Krig - God is Alive (Death Metal)
Crystavox - Power Games (Commercial Metal)
Tourniquet - Drawn and Quartered (Progressive Thrash Metal)
Elgibbor - The Lord's Devastation of the Earth (Black MEtal)
Impending Doom - Orphans (Deathcore)
Vengeance Rising - Can't Get Out (Thrash Metal)
Hemotheory - Lift (Modern Hard Rock)
Convalesce - Enemies (Metalcore)
Seventh Avenue - Future Tale (Power Metal)
Omar Domkus - Tianenman Square (Female-fronted Alternative)
The Burial - Reconciliation (Melodic Death Metal)

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