Monday, April 9, 2012

More content coming!

I must apologize to the 3 (okay, 2) readers who keep up with this blog, as other than weekly announcements of the playlists for my radio show (are you listening yet?) and updates to my vinyl collection (yay!), it has been slim pickings here of late. I had hoped to have at least weekly content, if not more than weekly, but life sometimes gets in the way. Never fear! I am going to make a more concerted effort to try and rectify that by posting as much content as I can in spurts. That doesn't mean the content will be less quality than it has been, but it should mean that every few days (or couple weeks), you'll see between 2 and 5 posts that are NOT related to my radio show, though videos of my collection updates will likely be part of that process as well.

Speaking of videos, if you haven't visited my YouTube channel yet, I would encourage you to do so and check out all my historical content. In addition to all the long format review videos I have and the collection videos, I will be undertaking a large-scale project to encompass my entire media collection. Aside from the collection videos where I brag about incoming vinyl albums, I plan on doing an album-by-album "Mini-Review" of each CD, cassette, and vinyl album or 7" release in my collection, including demos, re-issues, and variations. One-to-one duplicates (where the cassette, vinyl and/or CD versions are exactly the same) will be passed up. Due to the large size of my music collection (2,500+ CDs, 400+ vinyl albums, 100+ cassettes), some folks think I can't possibly have listened to all the music in my collection, but I have listened to nearly everything, save for a few vinyl oddities or CDs that I purchased almost entirely for collection purposes. That said, I plan on intentionally listening to each and every CD that I have, as well as each vinyl album and cassette that I plan on covering. Each of these mini-reviews will be a video recorded on YouTube and then posted to this blog with a small blurb.

But wait, there's more! I did say "media collection" above, didn't I? So not only will I be covering my entire music collection, but I will also be doing mini-reviews and bits on all my video games, DVDs, some classic VHS videos I have, as well as my comic book collection. I may even include my old magazine collection if I get the urge to, which includes several back-issues of the classic "Video Games & Computer Entertainment" magazine, as well as years-old issues of Heaven's Metal and HM Magazine, along with a few odds and ends (GamePro, EGM, Game Informer, Sega Visions, Turbo Magazine, etc). Of course, as I add more media, I will be including that in the mini-review list. I also hope to continue to do little reviews and blogs on favorite TV shows, movies, and current media.

So while it sounds like this will be a giant, daunting task, this isn't something that will be done overnight, and certainly not something I hope to accomplish in some pre-determined length of time. I simply want to undertake this as a way of sharing my somewhat niche music and media collection with everyone and exposing people to stuff they may not have heard of or may know by name, but have no reference for. Hopefully, I can either help bring nostalgia to some, expose some to new music, movies or games that might be right up their alley, or at the very least, shed more light on the things I enjoy so that others have at least had a chance to hear about them. Stay tuned!

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