Saturday, July 28, 2007

Angelica - Walkin' In Faith (1990)

Angelica's 2nd album, "Walkin' In Faith" takes a minor turn from the debut, in that, the album has a more polished sound. That works both in the albums favor, and to its detriment. What I mean by that is this; the album sounds really good. The production is top notch, the programmed drums sound more real than most, and the guitar sound has a pristine shine to it. Also, Jerome Mazza's vocals, while not as immediately recognizable as the inimitable Rob Rock (not Andy Lyon, as printed on the sleeve), sound great on the record & fit perfectly with the instrumentation. My biggest qualm with the album is that it's too well produced. Everything has so much production that it sounds a tad sterile.

That shouldn't deter you, however, from downloading & enjoying this album. There is some great stuff to be had here. The opening title track is a great song, followed immediately by "Hold On", which has one of the most memorable riffs guitarist/mastermind Dennis Cameron has ever written. "Soul Search" has a nice hook, "Time and Time Again" brings a different meter into the picture to keep things interesting, and "Bring Into Being" just sounds great with its hooky chorus & big sound.

So, yes, compared to the absolutely rocking debut, this seems a tad subdued, & perhaps a bit overproduced. However, it's a great album in its own right, & a fine follow-up to one of Christian hard rock's best debut albums ever.


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