Saturday, July 28, 2007


Thank you for visiting this weblog. I have set up this space on the web to pay tribute to some of the progenitors & early innovators of Christian rock & heavy metal by offering up my views & reviews of some of the music that has been instrumental (sorry, pun intended) in shaping the Christian rock & metal scene as we know it today. If it weren't for these early adopters of the style & sound, we would not have awesome bands today like Underoath, Demon Hunter, Miseration, Immortal Souls, Leeland, and more. Much of this material will come from my own CD collection, though some will come from other sources. I AM LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTORS for this blog as well. My hope is to have reviews covering as many sub-genres of Christian rock & metal as possible well represented. I also plan on writing reviews of many new & recent releases as well to show how far the Christian music artistry has come & where it's headed.

Bands are encouraged to submit demos & material for review if they like my lengthy, honest review style. If a band/label wishes to submit materials for review, they can e-mail me: metalfro777 [at] hotmail dot com. I will send instructions as to how a demo or other material can be submitted.

So, there you have little corner of cyberspace devoted to Christian rock & metal. I plan to cover as many sub genres as I can. I will focus mostly on music that was released on known labels, though I am open to demos & custom releases as well. Matter of fact, I will be reviewing at least 2 demos from an artist here in the coming weeks, & will be seeking out other underground material from artists that never had their material released through traditional CCM distribution channels. Stay tuned for some great stuff...I hope you like what I have to offer!

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