Sunday, June 7, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Okay, here's tonight's playlist! The unofficial theme is "new music" - all of which is new to my collection, though some is actually brand new music :P

Zao - 1,000,000,000 Arms of Outstretched Nothing (Metalcore)
Bloodgood - Awake! (Live Classic Metal, thanks to The Metal Resource for this!)
Danielson Famile - Cutest Lil' Dragon (Indie Rock)
Magdalen - Sad Sister Alchemy (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Brutal Sacrifice - Sindrome de Babel (Death Metal)
Dogs of Peace - Thrown Away (Alternative Rock)
Michael Knott - Tattoo (Acoustic Alternative Rock)
Thousand Foot Krutch - Bring Me To Life (Modern Hard Rock/Rapcore)
The Seventy Sevens - Nobody's Fault But Mine (Alternative Rock)
Elgibbor - Beth (Black Metal)
Dumpster - Cravin' Mild (Moody Modern Rock)
Into the Ocean - Idiots of Noise (Melodic Metalcore/Experimental)
Fearscape - Scent of Divine Blood (Progressive Black Metal)
Ganglia - When Flesh & Heart Fail (e-Grind)
Global Warning - Come With Me (Hard Rock)
Lucid - Rise (Groove Metal)
Oh, Sleeper - To Flagship (Metalcore, thanks to The Metal Resource for this!)
Eric H - One Inch From Dumb (Indie Pop/Alternative)
Breaking the Fourth Wall - Nobody Names Their Kid Barbara Anymore (Screamo/Indie Rock)
Soapbox - Burn All the Things You Love (Post-Hardcore)
Ecthirion - Warmageddon (Epic Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Mortification - Alexander the Metalworker (Punky Thrash Metal)
After the Order - Broken Sky (Modern Rock)
ChloesHouse - Move Or Sit Down (Modern Hard Rock)
Orphan Project - Head On Your Platter (Progressive Hard Rock)
Poems of Shadows - Thoughts of Insane in the Dark (Black Metal)
Barry McGuire - Cosmic Cowboy (Jesus Music)
The Showdown - Achilles - The Backbreaker (Modern Thrash/Metalcore)
Post Mortum - Drip (Modern Hybrid Metal)
Amos - Ark of the Covenant (Gothic Metal)
Emery - Studying Politics (Modern Rock)
Venia - Illusion (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Lewis vs Clark - The Shallow Tomb (Metalcore)
DeGarmo & Key - Apathy Alert (80's Rock)
The Chariot - Evolve: (Chaotic Metalcore)
White Heart - Powerhouse (Rock)
The Devil Wears Prada - Dez Moines (Melodic Metalcore)
Nouveaux - Maybe Tomorrow (Rock)
Rising Cross - Pentecost (Power Metal)
Sacrament - Separate From Iniquity (demo version) (Thrash Metal)

No CD giveaway tonight, but stay tuned - next week will be a special giveaway! Don't forget to tune in @ !

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