Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Okay, here's tonight's playlist!!!

Venia - Strength of Heart (Hardcore/Metalcore)
Mastedon - Right Hand (Progressive Hard Rock)
Within the Torn Apart - A Slow Frenzy of Despair (Drone/Doom)
Random Eyes - Deep Waters (Power Metal)
The Drama Scene - Razorblade (Screamo/Modern Rock)
Xalt - History (Classic Metal)
Pillar - Further (Melodic Rapcore)
AD - The Only Way To Have a Friend (AOR/Rock)
Inevitable End - The Severed Inception (Death Metal)
Mad At The World - The Dreamland Cafe (Alternative/Retro-Rock)
Galactic Cowboys - In This Life (Modern Heavy Metal)
For Today - Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger) (Technical Metalcore - CD giveaway!!!)
Mortal - Neplusultra (Industrial)
HB - It Is Time (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Virgin Black - The Fragile Breath (Gothic/Doom Death Metal)
Heaven's Force - Aggressive Angel (early Thrash Metal)
Crystavox - Paradise (Commercial Metal)
Deitiphobia - Go Prone (Industrial)
Jacobs Dream - Theater of War (Progressive Metal)
Disciple - Scars Remain (Modern Hard Rock)
Hit the Deck - My Main Fight (Hardcore Punk)
Rose - Die to the Flesh (Grunge/Modern Hard Rock)
Sinai Beach - The Stagnate (Metalcore)
Seventh Avenue - Levy Your Soul From Hate (Power Metal)
Dance House Children - Keepsake Melody (Synthpop)
Ransom - Exit (Euthanasia) (Female-fronted Bluesy Hard Rock)
Clash of Symbols - All (Alternative Rock)
Eternal Mystery - Mind Transplant (Grindcore)
Blah - Stone Me (Punk)
Petra - Hit You Where You Live (80's Arena Rock)
The Screamin' Rays - Why Are You Cryin' (Rockabilly/Ballad)
Remove the Veil - Devil Child (Southern Hardcore/Rock)
Cerimonial Sacred - The Hell Will Not To Prevail (Black Metal)
Crooked Smile - Sometimes You Feel (Alternative Rock)
Barren Cross - Imaginary Music (Classic Metal)
subseven - Game of Love (Emo/Screamo)
Zao - The End Of His World (Metalcore)
Death Is Not Welcome Here - Until the Last (Modern Rock/Screamo)
Morella's Forest - Curl (Alternative/Shoegazer Rock)
Pax 217 - Tonight (Rapcore/Modern Rock)
Living Sacrifice - ...To Nothing (Death Metal)
Grave Robber - Army of the Dead (Horror Punk)

Don't forget to tune in tonight @ 9 PM EST via !

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