Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tonight's playlist!

Zao - Truly, Truly This is the End (Metalcore)
Tourniquet - Ready or Not (Thrash Metal)
Kekal - For the Greater Good (Avant-Garde Post-Metal)
Barnabas - Little Foxes (Female-fronted Classic Metal)
Infectious Apostasy - Constant War (Grindcore)
Pillar - Bring Me Down (Rapcore/Modern Hard Rock)
Honey - Worn (Indie Rock/Alternative)
Eclipsing Black - The Eclipsing Black (Dark Ambient)
Die Happy - Sticks and Stones (Hard Rock/Metal)
Left Out - What I Wouldn't Do For You If I Were You (Punk)
Sacrament - Mortal Agony (Thrash Metal)
Driver Eight - Drive (Alternative Rock)
Daniel Band - Power of Love (Classic Hard Rock/Metal)
Galactic Cowboys - Easy to Love (Metal/Power Ballad)
Saving Grace - In Your Own Hands (Metalcore)
Michael Knott - Brittle Body (Alternative/Ballad)
Final Axe - Blind Faith (Classic Metal)
Exeter Flud - Endless (Alternative Rock)
Mike Phillips - Nails and Tears (Progressive Metal)
Hokus Pick Manouver - Face in the Rain (Alternative Rock/Pop)
Harmony - Alone (Power Metal)
Officer Negative - Warmth (Metalcore)
The Benjamin Gate - Blow My Mind (Techno-Rock)
Breakfast With Amy - Little Maxine's Epiphany (Indie Rock/Alternative)
Pax 217 - Move On This (Rapcore)
Audiovision - King Is Alive (Power Metal)
Lengsel - Miss S.C. (Experimental Extreme Metal)
August Burns Red - Speech Impediment (Technical Metalcore)
Engravor - Your Face (E-Grind)
Soul Shock Remedy - Rain (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Tortured Conscience - Internal Torment (Brutal Death Metal)
Decision D - Holy Supper (Thrash Metal)
One Bad Apple - Post Mortem Depression (Rapcore/Groove Metal)
Vengeance Rising - Mulligan Stew (Thrash Metal)
Flesh Denial - Chainsaw Dissection of All Acts of the Sinful Nature (Grindcore)
Kashee Opeia - Dare a Leap in the Dark (Technical Metalcore)
Bride - Out For Blood (Classic Metal)
Thunderbucket - Mamma (Hard Rock)
Mortal - Grip (Industrial)
Old Ironside - Never Be the Same (Southern Hardcore/Rock)

Don't forget, you can use the convenient flash player on the front page of to tune in - 9 PM EST, don't miss it!

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