Sunday, August 16, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's theme: "How Suite It Is"

Tonight's theme is "How Suite It Is" - it's all about suites of songs, 3 or more, and I've got several doozies for you all tonight! Suites from several genres, ranging 4 different decades, and loads of great music included. You don't want to miss out!

Decision D - Graffiti (Thrash Metal)
Random Eyes - For All the Nations (Power Metal)
Mortification - Raise the Chalice (Death Metal)
Morella's Forest - Candy Necklace Kind of Love (Shoegazer/Alternative)
Demon Hunter - One Thousand Apologies (Modern Heavy Rock/Metal)

"How Suite It Is"
Becoming the Archetype (Melodic/Progressive Death Metal)
The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Part 1)
Fire Made Flesh (The Physics of Fire Part 2)
Epoch of War (The Physics of Fire Part 3)
The Balance of Eternity (The Physics of Fire Part 4)

The Constellation Branch (Indie Rock/Progressive)
The False Awakening Pt 1: Prelucidity
The False Awakening Pt 2: The Carnival
The False Awakening Pt 3: Poisoned Apple

Galactic Cowboys (Progressive Modern Metal) - "The Machine Fish Suite"
Where Do I Sign?
Bright Horizons
Puppet Show
Mr. Magnet
Never Understand
Ranch on Mars Pt 2 (Set Me Free)
How Does It Feel?

Daniel Amos (Jesus Rock) - The Shotgun Angel suite (aka Side 2)
Finale: Bereshith Overture
Lady Goodbye
The Whistler
He's Gonna Do A Number On You
Sail Me Away
Posse In the Sky

Eternal Mystery (Grindcore)
Life of God on Earth Part 1 - Cloak Made of Human Flesh
Life of God on Earth Part 2 - The Ministry
Life of God on Earth Part 3 - The Conspiracy
Life of God on Earth Part 4 - Death and Reurrection

Joy Electric (Synthpop)
Prelude to Cubism
My Grandfather, The Cubist
Cubism Interlude

Barnabas (Classic/Progressive Metal)
The Dream
Breathless Wonderment

The Benjamin Gate - Scream (Techno Rock)
Greg X Volz - Hold on to the Fire (80s Rock)
Consider the Thief - Drink the Sea (Indie Rock)
Clear Convictions - Warning (Hardcore)
Jesus Freaks - Mourning By Night (Thrash Metal)
Steven Patrick - Angel Sing (Commercial Hard Rock)
Hello Nightmare - Days Become Nights (Metalcore)
Crashdog - Never Again (Punk)
Kiss the Gunner - Southern Comfort Ain't No Comfort (Southern Hardcore/Metal)

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