Sunday, October 4, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Tonight's Playlist!

Northern Ash - The Terror That Waits (Death/Black/Thrash Metal Hybrid)
Human Condition - In Time (Rock)
Darkness Before Dawn - Battle On (Melodic Death Metal)
Bride - Dust Through a Fan (Commercial Metal/Hard Rock)
Kinetic Element - See the Children (Progressive Rock)
Pastor Brad - Metal Devotional
Pastor Brad - Reshredded (Instrumental Metal)
Hope For the Dying - Our Fallen Comrades (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Coram Deo - Fall of Babylon (Symphonic Black/Death Metal)
Mike Phillips - Nails and Tears (Progressive Metal)
Hit the Deck - Another Game (Hardcore Punk)
Monolith - Golgotha (Symphonic Extreme Metal) - The Gamut exclusive!!!
Symphony in Peril - For Now We See In a Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face to Face (Chaotic Metalcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Thresher - Raptor (Thrash Metal)
LSU - The Boyos (Alternative Rock/Acoustic)
Mortal - Gaza (Electronica)
Spoken - Stupid People (Rapcore)
Narcissus - Twin-Allergy (Post-Hardcore/Modern Heavy Rock)
Guardian - Dr. Jones and the Kings of Rhythm (Commercial Hard Rock/Metal)
The Chariot - The Company, The Comfort, The Grave (Chaotic Hardcore)
The Ortistix - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, but You'd Look Better In a Moshpit (Drum & Bass Punk)
Saint - In the Battle (Classic Metal)
Galactic Cowboys - Blind (Progressive Metal)
Sleeping Giant - King of Kings (Hardcore/Sludge)
Eowyn - To My Surprise (Female-fronted Modern Rock)
The Gentleman Homicide - Looking Within the Heart of a Man (Chaotic Metalcore/Hardcore)
Hero - I Surrender (Classic Metal)
Detritus - Masquerade (Thrash Metal)
Halcyon Way - A Manifesto For Domination (Progressive Metal)
Divinefire - Life My Life For You (Power Metal)
Opposition of One - Dishonest (Metalcore)
Joy Electric - The Girl From Rosewood Lane (Original mix) (Synthpop)
The Deadlines - Murder Creek Road (Horror Punk)
Jesus Freaks - D.U.I. (Thrash Metal)
Petra - Midnight Oil (Rock)
The Seventy Sevens - One More Time (Rock)
Elgibbor - Heaven or Hell (Black Metal)
Norma Jean - The End of All Things Will Be Televised (Chaotic Metalcore)

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