Sunday, October 18, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's theme is!

Tonight's theme is Blabber Download. That's right, everything you hear in tonight's show is 100% free & legal to download via ! Lots of great bands & albums totally free, so don't hesitate - if you like any of what you hear in tonight's show, by all means, go download it!

Dosel - Ciudad Sangrienta (Thrash Metal)
The Eternal Chapter - Only the Lost (Gothic Rock)
The Lead - Abomination (Female-fronted Hardcore PUnk)
Falling Fadedown - The Covenant (Melodic Hardcore/Screamo)
Martiria - Reborn in Christ (Power/Melodic Metal)
Hell Bovine - Never Falling From Grace (Experimental/Electronic/Metal)
The Intolerants - Die the American Dream (Punk)
Kekal - Vox Diaboli (Experimental Extreme Metal)
Menahem - Angels and Shadows (Progressive Metal)
The Blood Reckoning - Dowards (Deathcore)
Betrayer - Partaker of Evil (Power Metal)
Worthless Without - Choreographed Comedy Acts That End With Dead Clowns (Post-Hardcore)
Nothing's Sacred - The Price Paid In Blood (eGrind)
Unveiled - Contagious (Female-fronted Modern Rock)
Desire of Pain - Destroy the Madness (Progressive Death Metal)
Job - Coram Deo (Funeral Doom)
Katamari Deathroll - Funeral Birth (Dance Punk/Hardcore)
Lamentations - Where Have You Been (Doom-Death Metal)
Our Fathers Were Blind - Banner Bedsheets (Screamo)
Confide - Artax (Metalcore)
Epta Astera - Superbia (Folk Metal/Experimental)
RED+TEST - Unforgiving Landscape (Industrial)
Rising Cross - Pentecost (Power Metal)
Integration - Breaking Myself (Ambient/Experimental)
Elgibbor - The Silent Scream (Black Metal)
The Ortistix - Red Bin (Drum & Bass Punk)
Saron Rose - Al que me cine (Nu-Metal)
I Destroyed Leviathan - GROWR! (Nintendocore/Experimental)
Bloodforge - Show You the Way (Female-fronted Melodic/Gothic Metal)
Sacred Warrior - Children of the Light (Classic Metal)
Pistis In Him Alone - Redemption (Melodic Hardcore/Metalcore)
Death List - Will It End (Death Metal)
Disaffection - Blind Mind (Thrash Metal)
Hot Pink Turtle - Hideous (Funk/Metal/Alternative)
Watchmen - Fear No Evil (Classic Metal)
Buried Yesterday - Torture Room (Deathcore)
Blood Covenant - Dedication (Symphonic Black Metal)
Anguidara - SEOS (Industrial)
Angel 7 - The Power of Belief and Love (Black/Death/Power Metal Hybrid)
Eclipsing Black - The Eclipsing Black (Dark Ambient/Black)

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