Monday, December 28, 2009

"The Gamut" - it's cold in here!!!

Forgot to post this last night, so I figured I'd just post this so the blog is consistent w/ the rest of the entries regarding my radio show :)

Tonight is all about the ice, snow, cold, winter, and frozen nature of the season of winter! Of course, it's not snowy & cold everywhere, but here where I'm broadcasting from, it's definitely winter! Of course, black metal is rife with winter/snow/cold/ice imagery, but plenty of other genres & styles of music use these things as imagery and allusion in their music as well, so I decided to pull out loads of stuff from my playlist that has something to do, in theme or simply in title, with the coldest season - namely, winter! So enjoy this music from the warmth of your home, and listen to the sounds of ice & snow!

Okay, here's the playlist!!!

O Majestic Winter - The Battle For Frostvale (Black Metal)
7days - The Darkest Winter (Progressive Metal)
Besieged - A Cold Winter Kiss (Metalcore)
Crooked Smile - Winter in My Soul (Modern Rock)
NeverDead - Frost (Symphonic Death Metal)
Hguols - ...of Winter Moos (Instrumental Black Metal)
Joy Electric - Victorian Intuition/Father Winter Replies (Synthpop)
The Seventy Sevens - Indian Winter (Alternative Rock)
Nodes of Ranvier - Cold Fingers (Melodic Metalcore)
Virgin Black - In Winters Ash (Doom Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Divine Wintertime (Melodic Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Winterheart (Melodic Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Everwinter (Melodic Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Nightfrost (Melodic Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Icon Of Ice (Melodic Death Metal)
Immortal Souls - Wintereich (Melodic Death Metal)
globalwavesystem - Soul Like Ice (Industrial)
Rose - Cold Blue Hill (Alternative Rock)
Rocketboy - Cool (Alternative Rock)
Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin' the Ice (Classic Rock)
RedSea - Last Days of Winter (Bluesy Hard Rock/Ballad)
Eisley - The Winter Song (Female-fronted Indie Rock)
Flaskavsae - His Final Winter (Black Metal)
Counting the Days - Cold Nights and Weary Heads (Hardcore)
Crashdog - The Cold Within (Punk)
Crimson Moonlight - The Cold Grip of Terror (Black Metal)
Frost Like Ashes - Nightfall's Cold Kiss (Black Metal)
Jesus Wept - Cold Weather (Hardcore)
Rehumanize - Lukewarm and Getting Colder (Grindcore)
Step Cousin - Cold (Thrash Metal)
Sacrificium - Cold Black Piece of Flesh (Death Metal)
Seventh Star - Coldest Day (Hardcore)
This Very Day - Growing Cold (Metalcore)
W. - Caravans To Cold Void Communion (Grindcore)
Silage - Blue Igloo Cooler (Punk/Ska)
Poor Old Lu - A Snowfallen Desert (Alternative Rock)
HB - Frozen Inside (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Vardoger - Whitefrozen (Black Metal)

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