Sunday, December 13, 2009

"The Gamut" - one year anniversary special!!!

Tonight is a special episode - this marks 1 year that "The Gamut" has been on the air! That's right, it has gone by so fast, but the show has been live & on the virtual internet airwaves for 1 year today (technically tomorrow, but...)! In celebration of this Herculean feat of broadcasting (lol) I present to you the same playlist as was used in the very 1st episode! I hand-picked each of these songs as both old favorites, and songs that I was really digging on at the time (current favorites as of a year ago), and looking back through this playlist, I can see what a great selection the 1st episode had! I hope you all enjoy it, and for those that missed out on the inistial broadcast, here's your chance to hear a piece of "Gamut" history!

Okay, here's the playlist, straight from the inaugural broadcast!

Tourniquet - Spectrophobic Dementia (Progressive Thrash Metal)
Jerusalem - Dancing on the Head of the Serpent (Classic Metal)
Angel 7 - Power of Belief and Love (Black/Death/Power Metal hybrid)
Angelica - Keep Pushin' On (Commercial Metal)
Guardian - Saints Battalion (Classic Metal)
Grave Robber - Burn Witch, Burn (7" version) (Horror Punk)
Mankind - Alpha (Doomy Hardcore)
Mortification - Grind Planetarium (Progressive Death Metal)
Leviticus - I Shall Conquer (Classic Metal)
Six Feet Deep - Front (Hardcore)
Spot - One of Hazy Days (Alternative Rock)
Staple - Rise of the Robots (Post-Hardcore)
Joy Electric - Burgundy Years (Synthpop)
Stavesacre - Threshold (Modern Heavy Rock)
subseven - Free to Conquer (Emo/Modern Rock)
Sweet Comfort Band - Runnin' to Win (80's Rock)
One Bad Pig - I Scream Sunday (Punk)
Our Fathers Were Blind - Banner Bedsheets (Emo/Post-Hardcore)
Plague of Ethyls - Weasel (Female-fronted Alternative/Grunge)
The Prayer Chain - Sky High (Dreamy Alternative Rock)
Extol - Reflections of a Broken Soul (Progressive Death/Black Metal)
Whitecross - Down (Classic Metal)
Focal Point - Broken Bonds (Metallic Hardcore)
For Today - Infantry (Technical Metalcore)
The Way - Do You Feel the Change? (Jesus Rock)
Vengeance Rising - Fatal Delay (Thrash Metal)
Uthanda - Shadow Play (Alternative Rock)
Asher (CA) - Exhortation (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
DivineFire - Live or Die (Power Metal)
Eloi - Looking Christian (Groove Metal)
Embodyment - Religious Infamy (Deathcore/Death Metal)
Eternal Mystery - Eyes Torn From the Sockets (Grindcore)
Jetenderpaul - Seapoon's Kasket (Indie Rock)
Fear Not - Mr. Compromise (Hard Rock/Metal)
xDisciplex A.D. - Christ Shaped Vacuum (Hardcore)
X-Propagation - Cyber Nation (Industrial)
GeistkrieG - Spiral of War (Experimental Black Metal)
Haven - Divination (Power/Thrash Metal)
Deliverance - Bought By Blood (Thrash Metal)
Demon Hunter - Turn Your Back and Run (Metalcore)

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