Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Gamut - tonight's playlist!!!

I don't have much in the way of new music tonight, except for a song by a band who's elusive 2nd album I've been trying to get for the last 15 years - Decision D's "Moratoria" album!  In addition, tons of great tracks in the show!  I've really tried to mix it up tonight, so tune in at 9 PM EST and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
Crush the Enemy - Dawn of the Deadbeat (Hardcore/Crossover)
Under Command - Cut Too Deep (Hard Rock/Metal)
Bloodline Severed - Coalition (Melodic Extreme Metal)
Paradox - Meet the King (Classic Metal)
Martyrs Shrine - Valley of Darkness (Death Metal)
Grave Robber - Paranormal Activity (Horror Punk)
Blood Covenant - Fall Babylon (Black MEtal)
Crossforce - Tomorrow Will Come (Classic Metal)
The Scurvies - Gunpowder (Punk)
In the Midst of Lions - Released (Deathcore)
Soul-Junk - (mem) sweeter than honey (Indie Rock)
Disaffection - Cerebral Nightmare (Thrash Metal)
The Sacrificed - Falling (Progressive Power Metal) - The Gamut debut!
xDeathstarx - Decline of the Western Civilization (Metalcore)
Daniel Amos - Through the Speakers (New Wave/Rock)
The Way Sect Bloom - Humanness (Industrial)
Berith - Evanescent From the Treaty (Death/Black Metal)
Angelica - Danger Zone (Commercial Metal)
Unveiled - Contagious (Female-fronted Modern Heavy Rock)
These 5 Down - Enslaved (Nu-Metal)
Templar - Black Scar (Modern Metal)
Orphan Project - Empty Me (Progressive Hard Rock)
LSU - Storm at Sea (Alternative)
Majestic Vanguard - Emotions of a Picture (Power Metal)
Decision D - Devoted (Technical Thrash Metal) - The Gamut debut!
Monolith - Reject the Counterfeit (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Frost Like Ashes - Nightfalls' Cold Kiss (Black MEtal)
Arsenal - The Valley (Female-fronted Commercial Metal)
Liberty n Justice - Stretch Armstrong (Hard Rock/Metal) - The Gamut debut!
The Right Wing Conspiracy - School of Depravity (Grindcore)
Hgouls - Depiction Unto Grief (Instrumental Black Metal)
Edge of Eternity - Unholy (Female-fronted Metal)
Hands - The Helix (Progressive Post-Hardcore)
Vision - Standing On the Rock (Classic Rock)
Seventh Avenue - Brighter Than the Sun (Power Metal)
Undercover - Darkest Hour (80s Rock)
oraVita - Licht (Female-fronted Indie Rock)
Datum Point - This Is What I Live For (Groove Metal)

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