Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Gamut - tonight's playlist!!!

The Gamut is back again this Wednesday evening with more great music!  As always, there are plenty of twists and turns in the show tonight, with a wide variety of musical styles and plenty of bands you may not have heard of!  You don't want to miss this line-up tonight, so tune in at 9 PM EST and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
Through Solace - Tides II (Metalcore)
Hilastherion - See the Pain In His Face (Melodic Death Metal)
Antestor - Sorg (Black Metal)
Hit the Deck - Another Game (Hardcore Punk)
Circle of Dust - Course of Ruin (Industrial)
Rosanna's Raiders - Do It Right (Female-fronted Hard Rock)
Mortification - Brutal Warfare (Thrash/Death Metal)
DigHayZoose - Slow Serious (Alternative/Funk Rock)
Dreamer - Shake the Dust (Commercial Metal)
Symphony in Peril - This Flame Breeds Disbelief (Metalcore)
Legacy - Vision of Perfection (Classic Metal)
Tourniquet - Ready or Not (Thrash Metal)
Monolith - Second Birth (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Saviour Machine - The Night (Gothic Metal)
Terraphobia - The Unforgotten (Metal)
Hands - Northern Lights (Progressive Hardcore)
The Deal - Songs of Yesterday (Punk)
Afterimage - Burning Hands (Deathcore)
Seventh Angel - Abelard and Heloise (Doom/Thrash Metal)
Lucid - New Life (Groove Metal)
Whitecross - Re-Animate (Classic Metal)
Elgibbor - Satan's Doom (Black Metal)
Darrell Mansfield Band - No More Blues (Classic Rock)
Step Cousin - I Don't Need It (Thrash Metal)
Spy Glass Blue - Me Mine (Gothic Rock)
SorrowsJoy - The Suffering (Progressive Metal)
Chicago is Burning - Anne Boleyn (Industrial/Hardcore)
War of Ages - Scars of Tomorrow (Metalcore)
The Throes - Passion Flower (Alternative Rock)
Fires of Babylon - Going Through Changes (Power Metal)
Rose - Crazy Little World (Alternative Rock)
Sacrament - Mortal Agony (Thrash Metal)
Seventh Avenue - Juggler of Words (Power Metal)
Feast Eternal - Rage of Angels (Death Metal)
Jacob's Trouble - Time Bomb (Rock)
Disciple - Remembering (Groove Metal)
Nobody Special - Numb (Punk)
System Failure - Metalcore)
Ransom - Only the Just Let Go (Female-fronted Hard Rock)
Deuteronomium - Lost Indeed (Melodic Death Metal)

Don't forget to visit during the show to login for station chat (you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account!) and chat with me and other listeners during the show!


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