Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Update - I'm on Mach Riders!

I just wanted to give a short update that I will now be contributing to the Mach Riders retro game review website.  All reviews will be posted in full here at MetalFRO's Musings, but I'll be linking to those reviews from Mach Riders and will have entries there that link back here.  It's exciting for me, because I'm inspired to branch out more and do more writing about video games, and Mach Riders is a nice, open platform for me to do more of that.  Because of my love of old video games, Mach Riders is a great place for me to link any retro-themed reviews here, which will hopefully drive additional traffic to the blog in general.  It is my hope that through playing and reviewing retro games for this purpose that I can begin to tackle the giant backlog of games I have.  I've been seriously collecting for the last 15-16 years, and have WAY more games than I realistically have time to play, so this should be some level of motivation to seriously play through some of them that have languished in my collection for years.

As for general game reviews, I'll be doing more than just retro stuff, so those posts will remain here exclusively at this blog.  Being the proud owner of a shiny Wii U console, and already having built a nice small library of games for the console, I'll be working my way through that batch of games (including my take on Duck Tales Remastered, which I already did here a few months back).  That doesn't include my small PS3 game collection, or my growing library of Wii games, so there will be more modern games I'll be looking at.  I may tackle a handful of PC games and/or indie titles as well.  I may do some newer game "retrospective" write-ups based on newer games I played through a while ago, and offer my thoughts months (or even a year or so) after having played them.  I think it could be an interesting read, to go back and play a game after not having touched it for months or years and see if my initial impressions still hold true, or if I've changed my mind as to what I think of the game.

I may also dedicate a few reviews as Mach Riders exclusives, and simply link to them from this blog as well.  In addition, I'll have to determine whether or not I want my 6th gen console reviews (GameCube, Xbox, PS2) for the Mach Riders site, or if I should stop at 5th gen (Saturn, PlayStation, Dreamcast) for that site.  Because my Xbox and PS2 collections have become quite sizable, and my GC collection continues to slowly grow, those reviews could end up being exclusive to this blog as well for the time being, which just means more content on this site for everyone to enjoy.  I'll make that determination as I go along, and may make an announcement here prior to posting my first review specific to that line of thought.

In any event, please enjoy my blog as always, and I hope you'll enjoy reading about my gaming experiences and some of what I've had fun playing over the last 30+ years.

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