Sunday, September 27, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Tonight's playlist!

Darkness Before Dawn - Die To Yourself (Melodic Death Metal)
Barren Cross - Dying Day (Classic Metal)
Common Children - Eyes of God (Alternative Rock)
Sympathy - Insurrection (Technical Death Metal)
Deliverance - My Love (Thrash/Groove Metal)
Elgibbor - Lament Concerning the King of Tyre (Black Metal)
Crashdog - Three Is a Magic Number (Punk)
The Chinese Express - Work On Your Landing (Southern Hardcore/Rock)
Ezra - Tantum Ergo (Death Metal)
Once Nothing - Put Some Stank On It (Metalcore/Southern Hardcore)
Consecration - Vision of Ignored (Thrash Metal)
Ruby Joe - Spiritual Heroin (Rockabilly/Alternative)
Asher (CA) - Unavoidable (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Stavesacre - Burning Clean (Modern Hard Rock/Ballad)
Newsboys - Reality (Pop/Rock)
Stryper - Surrender (Classic Metal)
Pax 217 - Yesterday (Rapcore)
Nodes of Ranvier - Predisposed (Metalcore)
Waterstain - Shame (Grunge)
Saint - Through the Sky (Classic Metal)
Spirit's Breeze - Integrity Life (Female-fronted Death Metal)
Kaonis - Center Of My Everything (Female-fronted Rock)
Narnia - Break the Chains (Neo-classical Metal)
Lucid - Paperdoll (Groove Metal)
Dead Poetic - New Medicines (Modern Hard Rock)
Starflyer 59 - Good Sons (Alternative Rock)
Galactic Cowboys - The Lens (Progressive Modern Metal)
Last Chapter - In the Wake of Delusion (Doom Metal)
Morella's Forest - Shining Stars (Female-fronted Alternative Rock)
Magdallan - Big Bang (Commercial Hard Rock/Metal)
Unashamed - What Will Become (Hardcore)
Project 86 - Me Against Me (Modern Hard Rock)
Mortal - Kingflux (Techno-Rock)
Siloam - Pain Inside (Commercial Hard Rock/Ballad)
Crimson Moonlight - The Cold Brip of Terror (Black/Death Metal)
The Hope of Change - Silent Scope (Melodic Hardcore)
Fall of Echoes - Land Of No Choices (Progressive Metal)
Scaterd Few - A Freedom Cry (Punk/Reggae)
Step Cousin - Tears On My Pillow (Thrash Metal)
Zaxas - Last Chance Believer (Power Metal)
The Gentleman Homiside - A Question: A Promise (Chaotic Hardcore/Metalcore)

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