Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's theme: METAL \m/

Tonight's episode is all about the METAL. It's traditional, classic, and power metal tonight! Metal from the word "go". No hardcore, electronic, death, black, or other influences, just straight-up metal! \m/

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command
Rage of Angels - Hooked on a Good Thing
Leviticus - I Shall Conquer
Seventh Avenue - Infinite King
Bride - In the Dark
Harmony - Prevail
Narnia - People of the Bloodred Cross
Audiovision - The Calling
Divinefire - Secret Weapon
Saint - Star Pilot
Barnabas - Stormclouds
XINR - Ever Present Angel
Crystavox - Sacrifice
Theocracy - On Eagles' Wings
Bloodgood - Self-Destruction
Final Axe - Soldiers of Compromise
Novoy Zavet - Po Tvoey Vole
Haven - Divination
Random Eyes - Deep Waters
First Strike - Hard Times
Whitecross - Down
Neon Cross - Son of God
Barren Cross - Dead Lock
Majestic Vanguard - The Great Eternity
Holy Soldier - Tear Down the Walls
Venia - Victory By Surrender
HB - Is It Time
Dreamer - Shake the Dust
Guardian - Saints Battalion
Eternal Ryte - The Killer
Sacred Warrior - Evil Lurks
Recon - Lost Soldier
Sardonyx - Heavenly Throne
Towne Cryer - Flesh Disciple
Watchmen - Fear No Evil
Zion - Roll the Rock
XT - The One
Regime - Castles In the Sand
Malachia - Red Sunrise

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