Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More reviews coming soon!

I will be posting some reviews I've been working on lately. I realize the blog appears to have turned into an advertisement for my radio show, and for that I apologize. Between work, church, personal commitments, and all the new music I've acquired over the least year, I've had lots to do & absorb. I hope to get back to doing more regular reviews, as I had originally intended. I will also be implementing a "dual-review" system where I'll do the usual track-by-track analysis in written form, as well as hopefully incorporating as many video reviews as I can. If I can get track samples in the video I will do so - otherwise, I will just do a straight video review that gives different talking points than the full text review to give blog readers something a little extra. I have at least 4 reviews at the ready that I will be posting shortly, and I hope to include a video review on at least one of those, it not all of them. I am also working on at least one other review, so the blog will once again be replete with content. Stay tuned!

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