Sunday, November 14, 2010

"The Gamut" is back tonight!!!

The Gamut returns tonight in full force!  After a 2-month hiatus, the show is finally back to fill your boring Sunday evening with loads of musical enjoyment!  As per usual, we've got a ton of variety this evening and all kinds of great tunes in the show, so tune in!

Tonight's playlist!!!

xDeathstarx - Where Is Your Faith Now? (Metalcore/Hardcore)
Circle of Dust - Onenemy (Industrial)
Disciple - Remembering (Groove Metal)
Human Condition - Triangle (New Wave/Rock)
Inked in Blood - Comatose (Melodic Hardcore)
As I Lay Dying - Nothing Left (Metalcore)
Tourniquet - Ready Or Not (Thrash Metal)
Bloodgood - Eat the Flesh (Classic Metal)
A Hill to Die Upon - We Soulless Men (Melodic Black Metal)
Exeter Flud - You Decide (Alternative Rock)
Means - Connected (Melodic Hardcore)
House of Heroes - In the Valley of the Dying Sun (Progressive Modern Rock)
xLooking Forwardx - The Path We Tread (Hardcore Punk)
Deliverance - Red Roof (Progressive Metal)
Theocracy - Wages of Sin (Power Metal)
The Rekoning - Necessary Violence (Punk Rock)
the Human Flight Committee - She's a Car Destroyer (Indie Rock/Post Punk)
The Burial - Demons Never Sleep (Modern Melodic Extreme Metal)
Teramaze - Unseen (Progressive Metal)
The Dark Romantics - Lonely...Alone (Indie Pop)
Orphan Project - Empty Me (Progressive Hard Rock)
Neon Cross - Frontline Life (Classic Metal)
Monolith - More Than Conquerors (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Michael Knott - Hang Me High (Alternative Rock)
Under Command - Cut Too Deep (Modern Metal/Hard Rock)
The Brothers Martin - The Harsh Effect of Time (Indie Pop/Electronic)
Outlander - Moonchildren (Progressive Hard Rock)
Generation - Still You Died (Industrial)
Hero - Gasoline (Hard Rock/Melodic Metal)
Feast Eternal - An Ember In Ashes (Death Metal)
Emery - Studying Politics (Modern Rock/Progressive)
Utlimatum - Exonerate (Thrash Metal)
Rex Carroll Band - Working Man's Blues (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Narnia - Kings Will Come (Melodic Power Metal)
Morella's Forest - Hang Out (Female-fronted Alternative Rock)
Metanoia - Pain (Death Metal)
Mad At Teh World - Faith Is a Perfect Road (New Wave/Rock)
Crystavox - Paradise (Metal)
Coram Deo - Daylight (Melodic Black Metal)
Consider the Thief - Drink the Sea (Indie Rock)
For Today - Devastator (Metalcore)
Letter 7 - Lifeline (Melodic Metal/Ballad)
Rocketboy - Chaos (Alternative Rock)
Scourged Flesh - Napier (Death/Thrash Metal)
Ruby Joe - Last Chance Johnny (Rockabilly)
Poems of Shadows - Thoughts of Insane in the Dark (Black Metal)

Check out the re-designed Untombed website @ !  You can tune in easily via the web-based player on the front page, link to the stream via your regular audio player, read album reviews, get music news, and link up to other great resources, including the newly redesigned Divine Metal Distro site, your one-stop source for all things Christian rock and metal!

Alternate links to listen to the stream in a separate player (Winamp recommended, though Real Player, VLC, iTunes and others work as well):

Here's the link for Windows Media Player:

Also our stream can now be heard on Nintendo Wii! If you have a Wii, here is what you do:

1.go on the net via your Wii console
2. type "" into your browser address box
3. type " into the Search box
4. Click the play arrow

It can take 5-10 seconds to load up & buffer, so please be patient when using this feature :)

You can also stream the station via on your PSP, PS3, Wii, iPhone, or even your TiVo!  Plus you can stream the show via your Windows Mobile phone with the free GSPlayer application!  Listen in from your Android device via the "A Online Radio" or StreamFurious applications also!

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