Sunday, November 28, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!!!

The Gamut is debuting 5 new tracks tonight - 1 track each from the inaugural 5 releases from Intense Millennium Records!  2 cuts from Vengeance Rising, 1 cut from Sacred Warrior, and 2 cuts from Bloodgood!  Most of these songs have been in The Gamut before, but never like this - fully remastered & sounding better than ever!  Plus, all the crazy variety and musical insanity you've come to enjoy, so tune in tonight at 9 PM EST and check it out!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Kekal - Vox Diaboli (Avant-Garde Extreme Metal)
The Choir - Invisible (Alternative Rock)
Godonight Star - Creator (Synthpop)
Sacred Warrior - Children of the Light (Power Metal) - Intense Millennium Records debut!
In the Midst of Lions - Reborn (Deathcore)
Sweet Comfort Band - Haven't Seen You (Classic Rock/Ballad)
Starflyer 59 - Card Games and Old Friends (Alternative Rock)
Elotheos - Heart's Carrier (Melodic Metalcore)
The Clergy - Figure of a Man (Female-fronted Alternative/Punk)
Guardian - I'll Never Leave You (Classic Metal)
Death Is Not Welcome Here - Closer Than You Think (Emo/Modern Rock)
Disaffection - Blind Mind (Thrash Metal)
The Showdown - Cerberus-The Hellhound Awaits (Groove Metal)
Jesus Music - Painless Shame (Retro Pop-Rock)
Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice (Thrash Metal) - Intense Millennium Records debut!
Ancient Plague - Supersynchronous (Droning Black Metal)
In Due Time - Bloodgulch (Metalcore)
GlobalWaveSystem - 2cinc! (Industrial)
Daniel Amos - Father's Arms (Classic Rock)
Rehumanize - Kerney Thomas (Grindcore)
Call to Preserve - Hold Fast (Hardcore)
Rob Rock - Judgment Day (Power Metal)
Steve Hindalong - To Hell With the Devil (Acoustic)
Zoo Babies - Bob (Grunge/Groove Rock)
Crimson Thorn - 2nd Timothy 3 (Brutal Death Metal)
Joy Electric - The Harvestry of Ghosts (Synthpop)
Bloodgood - Live Wire (Classic Metal) - Intense Millennium Records debut!
Grave Robber - Tell-Tale Heart (Horror Punk)
Once Nothing - All My Heroes Are Cowboys (Southern Metalcore)
Undercover - Come Away With Me (80s Rock/Ballad)
Eternal Mystery - This Means War (Grindcore)
Haven - I Will Follow (Alternative Rock)
Vengeance Rising - Cut Into Pieces (Thrash Metal) - Intense Millennium Records debut!
Kidnap the Sun - Like a Thief in the Light (Rock/Post-Punk)
The Throes - Eyes Of My Sisters (Alternative Rock)
Your Eyes My Dreams - Treason, War and the Tyranny of Evil Men (Metalcore)
The Constellation Branch - Oneironaut (Indie Rock)
Discern - Your Choice? (Death Metal)
Bloodgood - Anguish and Pain (Classic Metal) - Intense Millennium Records debut!
The Eastern Wave - Chapter 3; Condition: Negative (Indie Rock)
Stavesacre - Devil (Modern Heavy Rock)
Strongarm - Trials (Hardcore)
Hguols - All But Life Was Lost (Instrumental Black Metal)

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Also our stream can now be heard on Nintendo Wii! If you have a Wii, here is what you do:

1.go on the net via your Wii console
2. type "" into your browser address box
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It can take 5-10 seconds to load up & buffer, so please be patient when using this feature :)

You can also stream the station via on your PSP, PS3, Wii, iPhone, or even your TiVo!  Plus you can stream the show via your Windows Mobile phone with the free GSPlayer application!  Listen in from your Android device via the "A Online Radio" or StreamFurious applications also!

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