Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Gamut returns tonight!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting the playlist, but some minor technical difficulties nearly sidelined the show tonight.  But fear not! The Gamut makes its return on the mighty Sanctus Gladius Radio!  With a new station, new attitude, and new beginning, The Gamut rises from the ashes like a phoenix to deliver the best tunes to you, the listening audience!  Join me tonight in celebration of the show's return and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
ZAO - Human Cattle Masses Marching Forward (Metalcore)
Pax 217 - Melody (Rapcore)
Blindside - Knocking on Another Door (Post-Hardcore/Heavy Rock)
Dalit - Dem (Doom Metal)
Ruby Joe - Fast Lane Sinner (Rockabilly)
Stir - Tattoo Smile (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Demon Hunter - Screams of the Undead (Metalcore)
Sotahuuto - Peruuttamaton vala (Modern Death Metal)
Crashdog - Question Stupidity (Punk)
Divinefire - Hero (Power Metal)
Roadside Monument - Oh So Fabled (Indie Rock/Alternative)
Essence of Sorrow - Supreme Oppression (Progressive Metal)
HarvestBloom - Blood (The Creed) (Female-fronted Hard Rock/Ballad)
Kekal - The Gathering of Ants (Avant-Garde Progressive Metal)
Bride - Some Things Never Change (Hard Rock/Metal)
Elgibbor - Tau (Black Metal)
Dogwood - Confusion Zero (Punk)
Fasedown - False Array (Thrashcore)
Hokus Pick - Turn Around In Circles (Alternative)
Guardian- Are We Feeling Comfortable Yet? (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Saviour Machine - Abomination of Desolation (Gothic Metal)
Joy Electric - Post Calendar (Synthpop)
xLooking Forwardx - Good Intentions (Hardcore Punk)
Vomitorial Corpulence - Plastic Savior (Grindcore)
Disciple - Rich Man (Hard Rock/Ballad)
Deliverance - 1990 (Groove Metal)
Terraphobia - Soldiers of the New Millennium (Extreme Thrash Metal)
Morella's Forest - Oceania (Female-fronted Indie Pop/Alternative)
The Dignity of Labor - Oxygen (Synthpop)
Blenderhead - Escape Reason (Hardcore Punk)
Random Eyes - Living For Tomorrow (Power Metal)
Broken Flesh - Son of Perdition (Death Metal)
Resurrection Band - Little Children (Female-fronted Classic Rock)
Circle of Dust - Levler 1(Easier to Hate) (Industrial) *Refractor remix
The Corbans - Heffy Green (Alternative Rock)
In the Midst of Lions - Opposition (Deathcore)
Silage - Election Skank (Ska)
Paralisis - Paralisis (Technical Death Metal)
Bon Voyage - No Paradise (Female-fronted Indie Pop/Alternative)
Discern - Grace (Death Metal)
Seven Kingdoms - Into the Darkness (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Danielson - Deeper Than the Government (Indie Pop)
Narnia - Dangerous Game (Power Metal)
Oh Sleeper - Son of the Morning (Metalcore)

Don't forget to visit during the show to login for station chat (you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account!) and chat with me and other listeners during the show!

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