Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Gamut - tonight's playlist and CD giveaway!!!

The Gamut is back again this Wednesday evening with more great music!  I have some new music in my collection, so I'm sharing with all of you by playing some new stuff that hasn't been featured on the show before.  Plus I have a CD giveaway tonight - someone will win a copy of Coram Deo's "Death Is Dead" EP!  You don't want to miss this line-up tonight, so tune in at 9 PM EST and listen in via !

Tonight's playlist!
Krig - Stop the Manipulation (Death Metal)
Theocracy - The Master Storyteller (Progressive Power Metal)
The Crucified - Fellowship of Thieves (Thrash Metal/Crossover)
Torman Maxt - Job's Plea (Progressive Metal)
Of David - Set Me Free (Hard Rock)
Martyrs Shrine - Butchered Planet (Thrash/Death Metal)
Bealiah - Kairos (Black Metal)
Halcyon Way - IndoctriNation (Progressive Metal)
The Dog & Pony Show - Gaudy 2 Shoes (Metalcore)
Asher (CA) - Exhortation (Female-fronted Melodic Metal)
Love Song - Freedom (Jesus Music)
Immortal Souls - Nuclear Winter (Melodic Death Metal)
Guardian - Rock In Victory (Classic Metal)
Arnion - Fall Like Rain (Thrash Metal)
Coram Deo 0 Boundary Line (Death Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
A Hill To Die Upon - May the Thing Be Destroyed (Death/Black Metal)
Deitiphobia - I Tore the Sky (Industrial)
Anti-Hell Society - Allegiance (Punk)
Harmony - Enter the Sacred (Power Metal)
Venia (US) - Gentleman (Hardcore)
Servant - Burning Bridges (Female-fronted 80s Rock)
Ultimatum - Conform to Reality (Thrash Metal)
Grave Robber - Paranormal Activity (Horror Punk)
The Blamed - Knock Me Down (Hardcore)
Sympathy - And All Flesh (Death Metal)
Headnoise - Anti-Bodies (Female-fronted Punk)
Velocipede - Just Like You (Alternative/Grunge)
the Human Flight Committee - Serious Emotional Problems Beyond Pacifism (Indie Rock)
Dana Angle - It Could Happen To You (Singer-Songwriter)
Mortification - Metal Crusade (Power/Thrash Metal)
Towne Cryer - Egypt (Female-fronted Metal)
Seventh Angel - The Turning Tide (Thrash Metal)
Sonic Martyr - Death of Self (Alive in Christ) (Progressive Hard Rock)
Bloodgood - Eat the Flesh (Classic Metal)
Drottnar - Ad Hoc Revolt (Avant-Garde Black Metal)
InnerWish - Lawmaker (Power Metal)
As Hell Retreats - Inferior (Deathcore)
The Rex Carroll Brand - Delta Memories (Blues Rock)
Vindex - Ultima Thule (Melodic Metal)
Deliverance - Slay the Wicked (Thrash Metal)
Mortal - Neplusultra (Industrial)
Feast Eternal - Into the Hands of an Angry God (Death Metal)

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