Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The Gamut" - Mad At The World special!

Tonight is a special episode - I'm focusing almost the entire episode on the band Mad At The World! MATW started as a Depeche Mode-esque synth-pop duo of brothers Roger and Randy Rose, and morphed into an alternative hard rock powerhouse, releasing a string of highly praised albums. Toward the end of their career, they veered off the hard rock path and focused more on pop melodies & retro-stylings, encompassing a mild psychadelia influence, as well as a major debt to the Beatles. Through the entirety of their recording career, the band made strong albums with strong songwriting, and the combination of the 2 brothers, Roger Rose's unique vocal style, and their knack for creating memorable melodies, MATW is a band that was always critically acclaimed but never received the wide-spread attention their depth of material truly warranted.

Here's tonight's playlist!

O, Majestic Winter - The Battle For Frostvale

Mad at the World!

From the S/T debut:
I Want To See Heaven
Easy Way Out
Bad Motives
No More Innocence
Mad at the World

From "Flowers In the Rain":
Flowers In the Rain
Faith Is a Perfect Road
In My Dream
Dancing On Your Grave

From "Seasons of Love":
Seasons of Love
City of Anger
When the Wind Blows
The Promised Land (The Deception of Drugs)
The Love That Never Fades

From "Boomerang":
If You Listen
Back To You
Ballad of Adam and Eve
All These Questions
Isn't Sex a Wonderful Thing?

From "Through the Forest":
That Lonesome Road
Lost in the Forest
M.A.T.W. (Reprise)
I've Got a Heaven
I'll Never Go Back There

From "The Ferris Wheel":
Eyes of Heaven
No Secrets
When Life Has a Plan
Going Nowhere Again
The Love

From "The Dreamland Cafe":
On the Stage
The Dreamland Cafe
Still a Way to Heal
Living In the Shadows
If It Were the Last Day

and a tribute to MATW, the House of Wires cover of their eponymous track.

I'm closing the show w/ 3 tracks from Drum & Bass punk band The Ortistix, one song from each of their 3 "albums", "Rock", "Paper" and "Scissors". The tracks are:
Red Bin
Nevermind the Prosperity Message
Friday 13th

Next week will be a mini-feature on Grindcore and an interview w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery! In the coming weeks, I also have an interview lined up with Greg Sweet of Watchmen & Torque to talk about his 2 bands, and what he's doing now in terms of music & ministry.

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