Sunday, March 8, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Okay, here's tonight's playlist!

Wrench in the Works - One Foot Out Of Hell (Noisy Hardcore/Metalcore)
Stryper - My Love I'll Always Show (Rock Ballad, in memory of the passing of Kyle Rae Sweet)
Sweet Crystal - The Road Less Traveled (AOR/Rock)
Disciple - Fear (modern hard rock)
Mortification - Satan's Doom (death metal)
Viva Voce - Closer Than Far (female-fronted alt rock)
Alove For Enemies - The Resistance (Metalcore)
AD - The Fury (Progressive AOR)
Third Day - Give Me A Reason (modern rock)
Besieged - They Shake the Earth (metalcore)
Hanover Saints - Headshot (punk/hardcore)
Daniel Amos - Days and Nights (Rural Rock)
Venia - Blood of the Lamb (female-fronted power metal)
Zao - A Fall Farewell (metalcore)
Malachia - Sightless Eyes (80's metal)
Nobody Special - Burnt (80's punk)
Soul Embraced - Curtain of Deceit (heavy metalcore)
Heaven's Force - Aggressive Angel (early thrash)
Circle of Dust - Self-Inflict (industrial)
Glaciial - Digging My Own Grave (black metal)
POD - Breathe Babylon (rapcore)
Fold Zandura - Deep Surround (techno rock/pop)
The Deadlines - Vegicide (horror punk)
Sacrament - Destructive Heresies (progressive thrash)
Chaos is the Poetry - God's Empty Chair (jazzy alt-rock)
Majestic Vanguard - Beyond the Moon (power metal)
Dance House Children - Homespun is Happy (synthpop)
No Innocent Victim - Reunion (hardcore)
Chatterbox - Epignosis (industrial)
As I Lay Dying - The Pain of Separation (metalcore)
Elder - River (alternative/grunge)
Eternal Mystery - Deceived by the Goat
Pax 217 - Voices (rapcore)
Confide - Artax (metalcore)
Silage - Giggle (ska/punk)
Scaterd Few - Glass God (No Freedom in Basing) (80's punk)
x-Propagation - Unity (industrial)
Human Condition - We All (80's pop/rock, new wave)
Clear Convictions - Tough Guy (hardcore)
The Benjamin Gate - The Way You Are (techno pop/rock)
Menahem - Angels and Shadows (progressive power metal)
ForeverAtLast - Back to the Fire Again (female-fronted metalcore)

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