Sunday, March 22, 2009

"The Gamut" - playlist for tonight's Grindcore Mini-Special!

Okay, prepare yourselves for a LONG playlist!

Habitance - I.T.R.O.S. (brutal thrash metal)
7days - Fall Again (progressive power metal)
King James - Pale Beyond the Door (modern heavy metal)
Cadet - Fantasy (pop-punk)
Plague of Ethyls - Groovy (grunge/alternative, female-fronted)
Ken Tamplin - Suspicious Eyes (slick commercial hard rock)
Opprobrium - Escapism (brutal thrash metal)
Elgibbor - Lament Concerning the King of Tyre (black metal)

Grind mini-special!
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery parts 1 & 2
Eternal Mystery - Swimming In an Ocean of Depravity
Eternal Mystery - Holy Hypocrisy (Vomitorial Corpulence cover)
Eternal Mystery - Inhuman Hatred
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery parts 3 & 4
Long Suffering - Sing to the Lord
Long Suffering - Mother Ruth
Long Suffering - Give It To the Lord
Corpse Under Construction - A Foretaste Of
Corpse Under Construction - Worms of the Underground
Corpse Under Construction - Flaming Bonfire
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery part 5
Rehumanize - Rick Warning
Rehumanize - The Existence of Hell
Rehumanize - Hated Without Cause
Rehumanize - Creflo $
Rehumanize - It's a Fallen World After All
Vomitorial Corpulence - Christ is the Demon Crusher
Vomitorial Corpulence - Goreaphiler of the Flesh
Vomitorial Corpulence - Life?
Vomitorial Corpulence - Bed of Maggots
Vomitorial Corpulence - Christian Does Not Equal Stupid
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery part 6
Baphomet Evisceration - Comic Book Messiah
Baphomet Evisceration - Shredded to Pieces
Baphomet Evisceration - Benny Hinn (Portrait of a Snake Oil Salesman)
Flactorophia - Desmembrado El El Mausoleo
Flactorophia - Disfigured
Flactorophia - In the Heart of God
Demonic Dismemberment - Disembowelment Satanicide
Demonic Dismemberment - Blended Into Putrid Flesh Bile
Demonic Dismemberment - Divine Tribulation
Demonic Dismemberment - Exhumed Visceral Abominated Rot
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery part 7
Vomitous Discharge - Therapy-Jesus Injection
Vomitous Discharge - Gore to the World
Vomitous Discharge - Homo Dementous
Vomitous Discharge - Sacrificial Splatterfeast at Golgotha Leading to Salvation
Engravor - Lured
Engravor - Devastation
Engravor - Memory
Engravor - Your Face
Interview segment w/ Broc Toney of Eternal Mystery part 8
Ganglia - Start Now
Ganglia - Deceit 6000
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Hollywood, You Are Not Holy
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Demons Believe and Tremble
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Separation of God and State
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Strip (by the) Club
The Right Wing Conspiracy - Heed

RedSea - Tears of Joy (bluesy hard rock ballad)
DivineFire - Open Your Eyes (power metal)
Crimson Thorn - Comatose (brutal death metal)
Uthanda - Change In My World (rock)
Divine Symphony - Humioliation (symphonic black metal)
Nodes of Ranvier - Infidelity (metalcore - YOU CAN WIN A NODES OF RANVIER CD!)
War of Ages - Yet Another Fallen Eve (metalcore)
Stavesacre - At the Moment (modern heavy rock)
Saviour Machine - Bride of Christ (gothic rock/metal)
Undercover - He Takes Care Of Me (80's rock/proto-punk)
First Strike - I Want You (80's rock/pop-metal)
The Benjamin Gate - Rush (techno rock/pop)
Encryptor - Drowning in Ignorance (brutal death/black metal combo)

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