Sunday, March 29, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Okay, here's tonight's playlist, eclectic as always!

Atrophis - A Fallacy (Meshuggah-styled industrial-metal)
Elgibbor - The Silent Scream (black/death metal)
Mastedon - It Is Done (80's rock/AOR power ballad)
Ultimatum - Blind Faith (Thrash Metal!)
Mortal - Scalawag (techno-rock)
Loudflower - 5 Minutes After 3 (real alternative rock)
End of Destiny - New Hampshire (melodic metalcore)
Saint - Legions of the Dead (classic metal)
Dreamer - Full Metal Racket (late 80's commercial metal)

Tonight's CD giveaway: Seventh Star "Dead End" and "The Undisputed Truth" CDs!
Seventh Star - Everyday (heavy hardcore)
Seventh Star - I Versus I (heavy hardcore)

Living Sacrifice - Haven of Blasphemy (death metal)
Undercover - Bridge of Life (moody alternative hard rock)
Petra - Stand in the Gap (80's arena rock)
For Today - Agape (technical metalcore)
The Souls Unrest - Unibrow (melodic death metal)
Gray Lines of Perfection - Changes (screamo, melodic hardcore)
Johnny Q Public - Secret Trees (alt rock)
Guardian - Send a Message (hard rock)
Frank's Enemy - Imbecile Factory (unclassifiable extreme metal/hardcore)
Generation - Still You Died (industrial)
Beside Still Waters - The Big Picture (Part One) (deathcore)
Officer Negative - The Palpable Illusion (moody metalcore)
Gorilla Warfare - Two Faces (hardcore)
Jetenderpaul - To Turn Around (indie rock/pop)
World Against World - Our Nation of Thoughtlessness Celebrates Immorality While Seeking Independence From But Nevertheless Finding A Plague Of Sorrow (crust punk, hardcore)
Deliverance - Speed of Light (semi-progressive groove metal)
Norma Jean - Like Swimming Circles (chaotic metalcore)
Grammatrain - Spiderweb (alternative/grunge)
Anguish Unsaid - Compromise Collection (chaotic hardcore)
I Built the Cross - Heart of a Servant (ultra-technical modern death metal)
Final Axe - Soldier of Compromise (classic metal)
The Constellation Branch - The False Awakening Pt II: The Carnival (indie rock)
Precious Death - Deathtrap (funk metal)
Lust Control - Pray For the City (punk)
Tortured Conscience - Blinded (brutal death metal)
Joy Electric - Sorcery (The Stadium House Mix) (synth pop)
Embodyment - Binge and Purge (modern hard rock, post-hardcore)
Barren Cross - Believe (classic metal)
Theocracy - On Eagles' Wings
Crystavox - Sacrifice (80's commercial metal)
These 5 Down - Revelation War (nu-metal)
Frost Like Ashes - Pale Shadows (black metal)

Hope you all enjoy the show! Don't forget to tune in @ !

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