Sunday, November 15, 2009

"The Gamut" - Sweet Comfort Band special tonight!!!

Listen to tonight's show for a CD giveaway - the Christian Metal Fellowship Compilation Volume II - feature lots of great black metal, dark ambient, and death metal tracks by some of today's best underground bands! This disc also has 2 tracks that are exclusive to this compilation - you can't get these tracks anywhere else!

Tonight is all about turning back the clock. Yes, tonight's theme is "Sweet Comfort Band"! One of the post-"Jesus Music" era bands that took the smooth rock sounds of powerhouse 70's bands like Chicago, Steely Dan, and Bachman Turner Overdrive and packaged them with slick production, killer vocals, and songwriting chops that rivaled many of their secular conemporaries! Tonight's show features 5 songs from each of the band's 6 albums, comprising a 30-song set that will take you through the band's entire recording career!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Mirror of Dead Faces - A Cripple Within (Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore)
Theocracy - On Eagle's Wings (Power Metal)
Monolith - A Faithful Few (Symphonic Extreme Metal) - The Gamut exclusive!!!
Erasmus - Nausea (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Blenderhead - Cesspool (Hardcore Punk)
Bon Voyage - Why Can't You Be (Female-fronted Alternative/Indie)
I Built the Cross - Hatred From the Religious (Technical Deathcore)

Sweet Comfort Band special!!!
* From the 1977 debut "Sweet Comfort":
* It's So Fine (Soul Tune Boogie)
* Ryan's Song
* Let It Go
* Your Life
* Get Ready

From 1978's "Breakin' the Ice":
* Got To Believe
* I Need Your Love Again
* Good Feelin'
* Searchin' For Love
* The Lord Is Calling

From 1979's "Hold On Tight!":
* You're the One
* Angel
* Don't Tell Me You Love Me
* Carry Me
* Find Your Way

From 1981's "Hearts of Fire!":
* Isabel
* You Can Make It
* They Just Go On
* Now Or Never
* Contender

From 1982's "CUtting Edge":
* Runnin' To Win
* What Have You Got?
* Valerie
* What Did It Mean?
* Armed and Ready

From the band's 1984 final album "Perfect Timing":
* Perfect Timing
* Don't Bother Me Now
* Computer Age
* Lookin' For the Answer
* Prodigal's Regret (Never Should Have Left You)

Amaseffer - Slaves For Life (Progressive Metal)
Joy Electric - Marigoldeness (Synthpop)
Becoming the Archetype - Artificial Immortality (Progressive Death Metal)
Deitiphobia - The Late Pastor Harry Dean (Industrial)
Recon - Take Us Away (Classic Metal)
Recession - Masterpiece Theater (Chaotic Hardcore)

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