Sunday, November 29, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Listen to tonight's show for a CD giveaway - "Aggressive Angel" by Heaven's Force! This is classic thrash metal, ala early Slayer, that is the earliest-known thrash with lyrics based upon Christian themes. These 2 demos, recorded in 1983 and 1984 have never been widely available until now, in this limited edition digipak of 500 copies! Don't pass up your chance to own this piece of history, make sure to listen in & enter for your chance to win!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Say Your Prayers - Sunrise (Metalcore) - Gamut premier!!!
Thy Pain - The Repulsive Cries of Temptation (Melodic Death Metal)
Circle of Dust - Refractor (Industrial)
Velocipede - I Catch My Breath I Let It Go (Grunge/Alternative)
Hero - Gasoline (Melodic Metal)
Undercover - Dark Night (Alternative Rock)
Pistis In Him Alone - Lost Standard (Melodic Hardcore)
Michael Knott - Transistor Sister (Acoustic/Alternative Rock)
War of Ages - All Consuming Fire (Metalcore)
Renascent - Sustain Me (Melodic Death Metal)
Blindside - Coming Back to Life (Modern Heavy Rock)
Silage - Great Alaskan Ninja (Modern Rock)
GlobalWaveSystem - Dissent (Industrial)
Darkness Before Dawn - Undeserved Hatred (Melodic Death Metal)
The Devil Wears Prada - Modeify the Pronunciation (Metalcore)
Hguols - ...of Threnodies Abided (Experimental Black Metal) - Gamut premier!
Aleixa - I'm So Scared (Female-fronted Techno Rock)
Becoming the Archetype - How Great Thou Art (Progressive Death Metal)
Outlander - Voices (Progressive Metal)
Eloi - Great God Complex (Groove Metal)
The Deal - The Great Deception (Punk)
Waterstain - Sting (Grunge)
Joy Electric - We Are Rock (Synthpop)
Wedding Party - Omega (Gothic Metal)
xLooking Forwardx - Not For Sale (Hardcore Punk)
Blushing Well - Rescue (Grunge/Alternative)
Stryper - The Writings on the Wall (Classic Metal)
Torman Maxt - Flowers (Progressive Metal)
Divinefire - Passion and Fire (Power Metal)
House of Wires - Luxury (Synthpop)
Dirge For Today - There Are Flowers On Your Grave (Dark Acoustic Rock)
King James - A Vision (Metal)
Disciple - Not Since Breakfast (Groove Metal)
Heaven's Force - Aggressive Angel (Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Grave Robber - Screams of the Voiceless (Horror Punk)
Borgazur - Remove Your Highness (Black Metal)
POD - Thinking About Forever (Rapcore/Ballad)
Killed By Cain - Father (Metal)
Wigtop - Higher (Industrial)
Petra - Defector (Hard/Arena Rock)
The Prayer Chain - Follow Me (Alternative Rock)
No Innocent Victim - Bring Them Back (Hardcore)

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