Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Listen to tonight's show for a CD giveaway - the Christian Metal Fellowship Compilation Volume II - feature lots of great black metal, dark ambient, and death metal tracks by some of today's best underground bands! This disc also has 2 tracks that are exclusive to this compilation - you can't get these tracks anywhere else!

Tonight's "unofficial" theme is new music! Not everything in the playlist is brand new, but much of it is relatively new. The rest is stuff that might be older, but is new to my personal collection, so enjoy the stuff that will be slipping into future playlists from time to time :)

Tonight's playlist!!!

In the Midst of Lions - Paid In Full (Deathcore)
Guardian - Spiritual Warfare (Classic Metal)
The Choir - Flap Your Wings (Alternative)
Sub-Train - I Feel (Groove Metal)
O, Majestic Winter - Desparium (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Training For Utopia - Modus Operandi (Noisy Hardcore)
Broken Flesh - Yeshua (Death Metal)
King's Crown - For Christ's Sake (Hard Rock)
Sever Your Ties - After a Storm (Melodic Hardcore)
Midnight Orchestra - I'm a Lie (Industrial/Rapcore)
Ninety Pound Wuss - Broken Circles (Punk)
Docile - Fragile Commitment (Melodic Death Metal)
Gondolin - Awakening to New Lands (Acoustic Folk Black) - CD Giveaway!!!
Grave Robber - Altered States (Horror Punk)
Believer - Shadow of Death (Thrash Metal)
Echoes the Fall - Break Away (Modern Hard Rock)
Jacobs Dream - The Hell That I Breathe (Progressive Metal)
After the Order - Queens of England (Alternative/Modern Rock)
Ultimatum - Never (Thrash Metal)
Cry of the Afflicted - Lift the Veil (Melodic Hardcore)
Michael Phillips - Nails and Tears (Progressive Metal)
Dalit - Impression (Death Doom Metal)
Failure To Excel - Loving Hands (Modern Rock)
Daniel Amos - Evangeline (Alternative Rock)
The Blamed - Help Yourself (Hardcore Punk)
Eternal Mystery - Zombie Nation (Grindcore)
Rehumanize - NOprah (Grindcore)
Sweet Nectar - Tangent (Grunge/Alternative)
Templar - Black Scar (Gothic Groove Metal)
Starflyer 59 - She's the Queen (Shoegazer/Indie)
The Drama Scene - I Wish I Could Wear Squarepants (Emo/Modern Rock)
Lurid Dawn - There's a Place (Progressive Death Metal)
Seventh Seal - Revelation--God Has the Power (Classic/Commercial Metal)
Ancient Plague - Gospel in the Dark (Acoustic Black Metal)
Mortal - Mr Aro0chet (Industrial)
Oh Sleeper - Breathing Blood (Melodic/Technical Metalcore)
Vardoger - Desert Pale (Black Metal)
Joy Electric - The Otherly Opus (Synthpop)
Step Cousin - Deceiver (Thrash/Groove Metal)
Dead Artist Syndrome - Redemption (Gothic Rock)
Lost Dogs - Imagine That (Alternative Rock)
Through Solace - Aspects of Dreams (Melodic Metalcore)
Earth From Above - Fatum (Deathcore)

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