Sunday, November 8, 2009

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist!

Listen to tonight's show for a CD giveaway - the Heaven's Force CD release "Aggressive Angel" - 2 old-school thrash demos on CD for the first time in a limited edition digipak release!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Woe of Tyrants - Breaking the Fangs of the Wicked (Melodic Death Metal - thanks to The Metal Resource!)
7days - Save Me (Progressive Metal)
Eisley - Plenty of Paper (Female-fronted Indie Rock)
Katamari Deathroll - Twin Bed Nation (Dance Punk/Electro Hardcore)
Still Breathing - Forsaken (Female-fronted Metalcore)
Love Song - Feel the Love (Jesus Music)
Vanguard - Death to a Sinful King (Progressive Deathcore)
Ganglia - Scrap (e-Grind)
Pillar - Light at My Feet (Rapcore/Modern Hard Rock)
Bon Voyage - Dressed In White (Female-fronted Indie Rock)
Hanover Saints - Headshot (Punk)
Extol - Reflections of a Broken Soul (Progressive Black Metal)
Mastedon - Holiest One (Progressive Hard Rock)
Lust Control - There Is A Fountain (Punk)
Driver Eight - Superglue (Alternative Rock)
Advent - Three Seasons (Metalcore)
Sincerely Paul - What's the Difference? (Gothic Rock)
Inked In Blood - The New Empiricism (Melodic Hardcore)
Mortification - Terminate Damnation (Brutal Death Metal)
Souljourners - Tangent Universe (Progressive Metal)
Mad At The World - Going Nowhere Again (Alternative Rock)
Narcissus - Loculus (Post-Hardcore)
Venia (FIN) - Victory By Surrender (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Skylines - Static Newsflash (Metalcore)
Blood Covenant - The Choice (Symphonic Black Metal)
Stavesacre - Keep Waiting (Modern Heavy Rock)
Aleixa - Some Things Never Go Away (Female-fronted Techno Rock)
Monolith - Golgotha (Symphonic Extreme Metal)
Heaven's Force - Deliver Us From Evil (Thrash Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Detritus - Subliminal Division (Thrash Metal)
Living Sacrifice - Second Death (Thrash Metal)
Novella - Story (Hard Rock)
O, Majestic Winter - Desparium (Atmospheric Black Metal)
Dead Poetic - The Corporate Enthusiast (Post-Hardcore)
Fearscape - Inheritance of Dust (Progressive Black Metal)
Static Fuse - Come Home (Female-fronted Hard Rock/Ballad)
Northern Ash - Patterns of Decay (Black/Thrash Metal)

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