Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + CD Giveaway!!!

This is a GREAT night for The Gamut! Not only are we re-launching after being away for a week, but we are now on the newly branded Untombed Radio! Formerly Blabber Jesus Radio, Untombed Radio carries on the tradition of rock & metal, and The Gamut will continue to bring you the best music we can bring, from the classic to the obscure!

To celebrate this, we are giving away 2 CDs this evening! That's right, 2 CDs to win! First, the debut by In the Midst of Lions, "Out of Darkness". This is a hard-hitting deathcore release with great songs, technical guitar work, and monster breakdowns. Second, the exclusive Christian Metal Fellowship compilation, Volume 2! This has some tracks on it that aren't on any other compilations or albums, so make sure to get them before they're gone - I'm giving away one of these bad-boys tonight!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Darkness Before Dawn - Kings To You (Modern Death Metal)
Seventh Avenue - Infinite King (Power Metal)
Inevitable End - Firstborn of the Dead (Brutal Death Metal)
Vigilance - The Time Has Come (Classic Metal)
Vector - Mannequin Virtue (New Wave)
The Drama Scene - I Wish I Could Wear Square Pants (Modern Rock/Emo)
Grave Robber - The Night Has Eyes (Horror Punk)
Crystavox - Home Again (Classic Metal/Ballad) - new version, The Gamut Premier!!!
Jesus Wept - Still Fighting (Hardcore)
The Predators - Plastic Surgeon (New Wave/Rock)
Revealed By Fire - One Nation (Groove Metal)
In the Midst of Lions - Herod's Demise (Deathcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Die Happy - Slide Rule (Metal)
This Or the Apocalypse - Geist (Metalcore)
Godsent Humans - Hell House (Punk/Metal)
DigHayZoose - Express (Funk/Alternative/Metal)
Elder - Little Man (Grunge/Alternative)
Asher (US) - Sunday Afternoon (Modern Rock)
Engravor - Betrayed (e-Grind)
Disaffection - Mystery of God (Thrash Metal)
Erasmus - Nausea (Black Metal) - CD Giveaway!!!
Pastor Brad - Turn Up the Light feat. Ken Tamplin (Hard Rock/Metal) - The Gamut premier!!!
Spirit's Breeze - Dominium Over the Earth (Female-fronted Death Metal)
Undercover - Love Me Dangerously (Hard Rock)
Holy Blood - To Heaven (Folk/Black Metal)
Mad at the World - City of Anger (Hard Rock/Alternative)
Dance House Children - Homespun is Happy (Synthpop)
Katamari Deathroll - Pastors Are CEOs (Dance Punk/Hardcore)
The Scurvies - Daggers (Punk)
Venia (FIN) - Ei mun tarvitse (Female-fronted Power Metal)
Sacrament - Destructive Heresies (Technical Thrash Metal)
Point of Recognition - Sin Revealed (Hardcore)
Bakery - Holocaust (Progressive/Classic Rock)
King James - The Calling (Metal)
Tourniquet - Pushin' Broom (Thrash Metal)
The Sacrificed - No Promise Of Tomorrow (Classic Metal) - The Gamut premier!!!
The Throes - Don't (Alternative Rock)
Rosanna's Raiders - Masks (Female-fronted Hard Rock)
Trytan - Playing With Fire (Progressive Metal)
Thy Will Be Done - New World Idolatry (Metalcore)

Don't forget to visit the new Untombed website @ ! You can tune in easily via the web-based player (just go the "Radio" tab), link to the stream via your regular audio player, read album reviews, get music news, and link up to other great resources, including the newly redesigned Divine Metal Distro site, your one-stop source for all things Christian rock and metal!

Alternate links to listen to the stream in a separate player (Winamp recommended, though Real Player, VLC, iTunes and others work as well):

Here's the link for Windows Media Player:

Also our stream can now be heard on Nintendo Wii! If you have a Wii, here is what you do:

1.go on the net via your Wii console
2. type "" into your browser address box
3. type " into the Search box
4. Click the play arrow

It can take 5-10 seconds to load up & buffer, so please be patient when using this feature :)

You can also stream the station via on your PSP, PS3, Wii, iPhone, or even your TiVo! Plus you can stream the show via your Windows Mobile phone with the free GSPlayer application!

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