Sunday, May 16, 2010

"The Gamut" - tonight's playlist + CD Giveaway!!!

Tonight's theme is a take on the famous words of Mr. Miyagi: "Different, but same."  What we have is 2 different bands, 2 differend styles of music, but the 2 share the same song title.  I'll be playing each pair of these shared song titles back to back, so you can get the contracst of band & style.  It's always a fun time when I'm left to my own devices in coming up with playlists & themes!

Also, tonight we have a CD giveaway - the smokin' new album by Wrench In the Works, "Decrease/Increase".  This is a potent, heavy burst of noisy metalcore that will likely surprise some by how heavy & intense it is!  Tune in to have your chance to win a copy!

Tonight's playlist!!!

Crimson Thorn - Eternal Life (Death Metal)
Adiastasia - Eternal Life (Progressive Metal)
Eternal Ryte - Surrender (Classic/Commercial Metal)
Floodline - Surrender (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Dead Risen - I Am (Death/Grindcore)
In Grief - I Am (Progressive Extreme Metal)
Exeter Flud - Mystery (Alternative Rock)
Letter 7 - Mystery (Classic Metal)
Dead Artist Syndrome - Alone (Gothic Rock)
Harmony - Alone (Power Metal)
Bringing Down Broadway - Destiny (Metalcore)
Scourged Flesh - Destiny (Groove/Thrash/Death Metal)
Stricken - Gethsemane (Groove Metal)
Wrench in the Works - Gethsemane (Noisy Metalcore) - CD Giveaway!!!
Grave Robber - Fear No Evil (Horror Punk)
Watchmen - Fear No Evil (Classic Metal)
Patriarchs - Hope (Melodic Hardcore)
AWAS - Hope (Death Metal)
Deliverance - Deliverance (Thrash Metal)
Sovereign Strength - Deliverance (Hardcore)
Of the Son - Lion of Judah (Metalcore)
Rob Rock - Lion of Judah (Power Metal)
Divine Fire - Out of the Darkness (Power Metal)
Bloodgood - Out of the Darkness (Classic Metal/Hard Rock)
Deitiphobia - Communion (Industrial)
One-21 - Communion (Punk Rock)
Die Happy - Justified (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Extol - Justified (Progressive Black Metal)
MAd at the World - Mad at the World (Synthpop)
Magdalen - Mad at the World (Bluesy Hard Rock)
Divine Symphony - Martyrs (Symphonic Black Metal)
Theocracy - Martyr (Progressive Power Metal)
Orphan Project - Fallen (Progressive Hard Rock)
Asher (CA) - Fallen (Female-fronted Melodic Metal/Ballad)
Sacred Warrior - Famine (Classic Metal)
Indwelling - Famine (Death Metal)

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